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Nanomotion Inc.

Nanomotion’s Velox EOIR Sensing Payload optimizes SWaP with unprecedented terrain dominance with a unique panoramic capability of capturing 5 full FOV’s per second. A user configurable matrix provides capabilities for tethered and untethered vehicles to image a wide area within <2 seconds, without compromising resolution. The Velox has a 640 IR sensor and 12mp day camera that are gyro stabilized to 80µrad allowing users to stay on target or track while simultaneously stabilizing the image. At 430g weight, the Velox has optional analytics providing essential information to the ground station. The Velox is used in applications ranging from agriculture, traffic monitoring, border protection, civil law enforcement and defense applications.

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Platform Manufacturer
Alan Feinstein | President | [email protected]
P: 631-585-3000 | F: 631-585-1947