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Homeland Environmental Solutions

UNMANNED SPRAYING PIONEERS We harness the benefits of this tech in many ways! Roof spraying Greenhouse cleaning & shading Weed/vegetation management Reforesting/seeding Mapping/Crop health/NDVI We know that you're competing on a bigger scale than ever before, your labor & production costs are probably the highest you’ve seen, finding good help is harder, but your consumer expectations keep rising. But even with all of that you’ve got things you want to achieve, a legacy to leave, and maybe even shareholders to please. And if you’re reading this– we assert that you ain’t quittin’ anytime soon TRANSFORMING AG On-Staff Agronomists & Crop-Protection Pros Easy Tailored-fit Service Menu Staff/equipment/insurance & Expertise SAVES TIME & MONEY

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Precision Agriculture
Bryan Sanders | | [email protected]
P: 309-361-7656