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Founded in 2015 by a couple of military UAS operators, Botlink creates drone software products that make it easier for more people to utilize drones as part of their toolbox. Botlink recently released the XRD2 which simply connects to existing autopilots via a serial cable. The autopilot views the XRD2 hardware as just another radio. Onboard video processing of H264 and H265 codecs allows for video resolution and FPS changes on the fly, reducing data consumption. Included FPV camera works out of the box with XRD2. Designed, tested, and assembled here in Fargo, ND. Our Fargo-based service team answers the phone, and our engineers can quickly diagnosis any connectivity issues. The XRD has been trusted by organizations around the world.

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Beyond Visual Line Of Sight
Matt Sather | General Manager | [email protected]
P: 701-412-2988