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CopterPix, Ltd.

CopterPix develop & manufacture autonomous multi-rotor solutions & is the sole vendor of drones up to 25Kg MTOW to the IDF. Our advanced CPX open-source solutions enables us to fly AT LEAST 30% longer and carry AT LEAST 40% more payload than ANY commercial platform & easily integrate 3rd-party hardware/software. CopterPix offer multi-rotor drones from 250gr to 25kg MTOW: ERE-95 Mini-series Quad-rotor drones for long-range inspection missions (100 minutes flight time) ERE-95 series Hexa-rotor fully redundant multi-purpose drones w/payloads up to 20kg. ERE-95 Hybrid drones enables 7.5hours flight time. APS300 Autonomous patrolling system using micro-drones w/small mobile docking nest to provide 24/7 patrolling for sites up to 5km perimeter

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Platform Manufacturer
Igal Yarmolinsky | Vice President of Sales | [email protected]
P: 972544646758