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Boomerang Carnets

We grow businesses. We are specialists in all aspects of ATA Carnets, the internationally accepted customs document (aka the Merchandise Passport) for temporary exports. ATA Carnet use allows prototypes, demo equipment, measuring devices, samples, trade show exhibits, and gear to clear Customs import-duty and -tax free. Unmanned systems, UAVs, UAS, robotics, universities, defense, small- and mid-size companies, and entrepreneurs benefit. This unique international trade tool assists expansion into new markets thereby growing businesses. We issue ATA Carnets in the US and the UK for temporary export/import into 87+ Carnet countries and territories. Our ATA Carnet Specialists provide in-depth knowledge on all aspects of carnet usage.

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Curt EH Wilson | President & CEO | [email protected]
P: 800-282-2900