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Frontier Precision

Dennis Kemmesat | President & CEO
P: 701-222-2030 | F: 701-258-5324

The Best Flight Plans Start Here Frontier Precision has the latest innovations in drone aircraft and sensors to fit your job or application. We offer industry-leading products and software from Aut . . read more

Phase One United States Inc.-Security & Space

Dana Brown | Director of Business Development
P: 631-662-6895

High resolution large format camera solutions. Cutting-edge imaging technology designed and built for the demanding needs of high-quality intelligence gathering. iXM-GS120 (120MP) offers a wide are . . read more

Drone Industries, Ltd.

Ben Mawhinney | DroneLab
P: 441916456150

Software for sharing large orthomosaic images online.


Philip Hanley | Principal
P: 361-549-6699

Since 1997 ERGIS has applied innovative and comprehensive solutions to complex environmental and geospatial projects, including commercial drone services.

LKD Aerospace

Len McNally | Vice President of Sales & Programs
P: 425-396-0829

LKD Aerospace distributes Honeywell's world-class, industry-standard HG1125, HG1126, HG1930, HG1900, HG1700, HG5700 and HG9900 IMUs. LKD simplifies the selection, sale, supply and support of these IMU . . read more


Chris Blair |
P: 215-550-1823

Create high-definition 3D maps, collect accurate drone imagery measurements & convert drone data into valuable information - so you can make smarter decisions that drive success. Stop waiting and s . . read more

Phase One

Chris Schaefer | Inspection Technical Manager
P: 631-223-9659

Phase One A/S, researches, develops and manufactures medium and large format digital photography systems, software and imaging solutions for industrial markets. Solutions range from aerial image acqui . . read more


Mo Kapila | Sales Manager
P: 310-541-8139

For 20+ years, Septentrio designs, manufactures, and sells highly accurate (cm-level) secured GPS/GNSS receivers (modules, OEM boards, boxed) for demanding applications such as UAV accurate mapping . . read more

Spicer Group, Inc.

Jeremy Dancer | Assorted Geospatial Services
P: 989-754-4717

Spicer Group, Inc. provides professional engineering, land surveying, community planning and architectural services. These four core areas of expertise include several associated subservices, and we e . . read more