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Mo Kapila | Sales Manager
P: 310-541-8139

For 20+ years, Septentrio designs, manufactures, and sells highly accurate (cm-level) secured GPS/GNSS receivers (modules, OEM boards, boxed) for demanding applications such as UAV accurate mapping . . read more

Future Delivery

Leo Schuhmacher |
P: 49040334653730

We want to solve the problem that every drone type has its limitations - be it range, payload, or battery capacity. The market is seeking a way to overcome these limitations in order to enable drone u . . read more

MightyFly Inc.

Fernanda Sausen | Senior Director of Business Development
P: 510-676-4956

MightyFly specializes in expedited cargo deliveries services for businesses, governments and consumers across all industry sectors. MightyFly is shaping the future of logistics through autonomous frei . . read more


Michael Merritt | Strategy & Operations
P: 07500958096

Skyports Drone Services is committed to creating positive change by connecting people, businesses and communities to vital supplies and services, such as healthcare, maritime, logistics and e-commerce . . read more


Ryan Walsh | CEO
P: 630-886-4749

Valqari’s Drone Delivery Stations and Drone Mailboxes serve as a designated area for drones to safely drop off or retrieve packages. Our Software enables packages to be dispatched, tracked and recei . . read more