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Robert Dahlstrom | CEO
P: 904-647-4511

Software Controlled Aerial Robots (Drones) with Precision Flight That Autonomously Paint/Coat, Clean/Surface Prep and, Measure Paint Thickness.

Axiom Electronics, LLC

Andrew Kemper | Executive Director of Sales & Program Management
P: 503-350-4932

Axiom Electronics assembles and tests complex circuit boards and complete systems for mission critical products, supporting our customers’ needs for prototype, pilot run and production builds. We ca . . read more

Carolina Unmanned Vehicles Inc.

Mike Rogers | Project Manager
P: 919-851-9898

Carolina Unmanned Vehicles builds a small mobile tethered blimp, the Expeditionary Aerostat System (EAS). It carries Intel, communications relays and EO and IR payloads for long term 24/7 operation . . read more

Censys Technologies

Kyle Miller | Director of Business Development
P: 386-341-3532

Censys Technologies is a leading provider of innovative drone technology and intelligent solutions. With a commitment to delivering cutting-edge products and services, Censys Technologies enables o . . read more


Fred Bedard | Director of Sales, Marketing & Flight Ops
P: 781-491-0812

Commaris, a brand of Terrafugia, Inc., delivers uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) for commercial operations in power, gas, oil, mapping, agriculture, security, and more. Its flagship UAV, the SEEKER, pr . . read more

Copterpix Ltd.

Igal Yarmolinsky | Vice President of Sales
P: 972544646758

Manufacturing drone solutions based on our CPX Opened Framework full end-to-end open-sourced solution enables to deliver 30% longer flight/heavier payloads than ANY commercial drone.Our Portfolio:& . . read more

HSE-UAV Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC

Joye Sanders |
P: 309-361-7656

Our UAS + ROV help keep our homeland safe, and facilitate agricultural innovation, surveying & commercial ops. We also offer spraying/seeding services! As 1 of America’s oldest industrial . . read more

Nanomotion Inc.

Alan Feinstein | President
P: 631-585-3000 | F: 631-585-1947

Nanomotion’s Velox EOIR Sensing Payload optimizes SWaP with unprecedented terrain dominance with a unique panoramic capability of capturing 5 full FOV’s per second. A user configurable matrix prov . . read more

Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation

Kirk Zucal | Marketing
P: 215-676-4900

NASC, creator of the Teros, the TRACER and the TigerShark-XP UAVs, has provided innovative technological solutions to the Department of Defense, federal research institutions, and the commercial secto . . read more

Pratt & Whitney

Ray McFall | Integrated Customer Solutions
P: 860-970-1705

Pratt & Whitney is pushing the boundaries of innovative aircraft propulsion systems for emerging and disruptive capabilities.


Mo Kapila | Sales Manager
P: 310-541-8139

For 20+ years, Septentrio designs, manufactures, and sells highly accurate (cm-level) secured GPS/GNSS receivers (modules, OEM boards, boxed) for demanding applications such as UAV accurate mapping . . read more

Silvertone UAV

Ken Taylor | Managing Director
P: 61269318252

Silvertone designs and manufactures fixed-wing and multi-rotor platforms. Runway or VTOL take-off & landing. Tailored solutions for surveillance, photogrammetry, LiDAR, communications, survey, etc. . . read more

Skycharge GmbH

Andrea Puiatti |
P: 4915252887085

Autonomous charging solutions for commercial drones. Safe, powerful, lightweight, and cross-platform. Keeping your fleet operational 24/7.

Super Pro Aerial

Daniel Fetterly | President
P: 818-780-1886 | F: 818-780-1978

Manufacturer of heavy-lift multi-rotor sUAS for academic, industrial, and scientific applications.

UXV Technologies ApS

Steven Friberg | CEO
P: 4520631198

UXV Technologies is a global leader in command and control (ground control stations) solutions and sensors for a wide range of unmanned applications. A company is an OEM supplier delivering customized . . read more

Zephyr Systems

Michael Furmanski | CEO
P: 833-493-7497

Company that specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of unmanned aircraft.