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UAS VISION is a global online news service dedicated to all topics relevant to military and professional unmanned aircraft systems. Our Daily Newsletter brings the top 5 leading stories direct to your desktop or smartphone 5/7….

Adorama Drones

The Adorama Drone Ecosystem is centered around trusted partners that offer the resources and turnkey solutions you need to get your program started. From training and consulting to hardware, software, accessories, repairs, financing, and buyback programs, Adorama Drones has everything you need to take advantage of drone and UAS technology.


Established in 2016, our Disabled Veteran-owned firm specializes in LiDAR, Thermal Imaging, Photogrammetry, and Vertical Inspections. Committed to quality, our emphasis is on AEC projects, using advanced tech combined with deep expertise. We aim for precision, client satisfaction, and operational excellence in every endeavor. AUVSI Top Level 3 Instructor Certified • NHI Safety Inspection of In-Service Bridges Certified • OSHO-10 Certified.


Drone Photography

Aerial Spreader, LLC

Custom UAV payloads for uniform cover crop and difficult-to-flow material (grassland) applications.

Aero X Advisors

UAS/UAM Consulting (Commercial Drone Delivery, Regulatory, Industry Networking, Business Development, Go-to-Market Strategy, Advisory Board, Project Management)


Founded in 2015, we offer fixed, portable and mobile drone detection in-motion solutions that locate both drone and pilot simultaneously for the military, airports, correctional facilities, stadiums, and other critical infrastructure. The combination of powerful software and flexible hardware deployments enables AirWarden owners in different organizations and agencies to collaborate and work together in a single network if and when they want which acts as a force multiplier of critical resources

AeroGear Telemetry

Manufacturer's Rep company representing the world's leading manufacturers in data communications, telemetry, and instrumentation. Supplying both airborne, complete mobile, and fixed ground stations for the flight test industry throughout the Eastern and Southern United States. Our key account relationships help gain access to departments/programs otherwise impossible to approach. Your Trusted Source for Telemetry and ISR Products & Systems.

Aeromao Inc.

We are the Canadian leading UAV manufacturer, delivering turnkey commercial grade UAV systems, training and support to more than 70 countries since 2013. We have earned a number of grants by the Canadian government due to our innovation and development we have achieved on the unmanned world. In addition to the UAV systems we manufacture we are authorized dealers of a number of drone brands, surveying equipment and other drone accessories.

Aeroworks Productions, LLC

Specialty imaging company offering 3D/VR, Aerial, Thermal and NDVI Mapping. Photo surveys (ground & aerial). UAS training available at our facility for individuals and departments.


By combining UAS technology with AI-based data analytics, Aethero scans the entire structure and delivers a wealth of vital data. Component failures, façade anomalies, construction defects, water intrusion, super structure issues, energy consumption data. All you need to know about the building’s health.

Airborne Innovations

Airborne Innovations has payload and datalink solutions including: Picoradio NX is a tiny C2/HD broadband datalink with MIMO, Hexaband 1.6 to 2.5GHz with AES encryption/mesh/relay/SBUS. We offer compact MIMO tracking antennas, global shutter/ multi-camera HD/thermal/High resolution PicoNV video encoder, OGI Gas Leak Detection (DJI/other) and other custom payloads, comms systems including satcomm and redundant systems, and other systems. NDAA Compliant. We also do consulting and custom solutions.

Airborne Public Safety Association

The Airborne Public Safety Association, Inc. (APSA), is a non-profit educational, individual membership, public benefit corporation, founded in 1968 to support, promote and advance the safe and effective utilization of both manned and unmanned aircraft by governmental agencies in support of public safety missions through training, networking, advocacy and educational programs. We fulfill our mission through conferences, product expositions, courses, classes, publications and our website.

Airborne Public Safety Association (APSA)

The Airborne Public Safety Association - APSA - is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational, individual membership organization, founded to support, promote and advance the safe and effective utilization of manned and unmanned aircraft by governmental agencies in support of public safety operations through training, networking, advocacy and educational programs. Over 3,000 members strong from the international to the local level.

AlarisPro, LLC

AlarisPro is an advanced operations and fleet management platform that provides operators and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with the tools and data needed to manage and document their operations and maintenance activities as part of a professional, safe, and compliant flight operation. The AlarisPro team works closely with each customer to provide a personalized service aimed at helping them to improve their operational safety and success.

All Tech Imaging

Professional Real Estate Photographer/Cinematographer

Altitude Angel

Altitude Angel is an award-winning provider of UTM (Unified Traffic Management) software, enabling those planning to operate, or develop UTM/U-Space solutions, to quickly integrate robust data and services with minimum effort. By unlocking the potential of drones and helping national aviation authorities, ANSPs, developers and enterprise organisations, Altitude Angel is establishing new services to support the growth in the drone industry.

American Aerospace Technologies, Inc.

AATI is a leader in intelligent airborne sensing and surveillance services for energy and other critical infrastructure. We deliver services with conventional aircraft, drones and medium altitude, long endurance unmanned aircraft. AATI has been flying long endurance UAS Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) in the national airspace system since 2010.

American Drones LLC

Sale, design and build drones. Competitive flying services. Training for every arena. Agricultural drone sales, training and compliance

Angle Drone Solutions Inc.

Founded in 2016 as an aerial photography business, Angle Drone Solutions has expanded over the years to include many of your photographic and drone needs. From 3D tours of your business, to 3D scanning of your building exterior, and taking photos and videos of the event you have next week and wrapping it into a completed video for posting on social media, we are your complete photographic source. Visit our website and then follow the links to our Facebook page for our most recent content.

Apex Unmanned Solutions

Apex Unmanned Solution provides comprehensive services to industries seeking to embark on an adventure advancing in unmanned technologies. Whether your business's goal is to reduce the risk to human life, reduce costs of current resources, or navigating the specificities of operations and regulatory nuances, we are happy to serve you. Our expertise spans a wide swath of UAS operations including commercial operations and military. Collectively we provide nearly a century of expertise.

ArgenTech Solutions

ArgenTech is an Unmanned Aerial Systems integrator and service provider specializing in medium-endurance, fixed-wing, VTOL aircraft typically operating under BVLOS conditions. ArgenTech provides turnkey flight operations, training, and sustainment support in both government and commercial markets.


Arrive is the world's first smart Mailbox-as-a-Service (MaaS) provider. Our patented smart mailbox solutions work with a wide range of manned and autonomous delivery services, including traditional carriers, ground robotics, and drone delivery services. This makes Arrive the only company that can offer a truly secure and automated delivery solution for the future of autonomous logistics.


Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc. has been providing trusted aviation training products for more than 80 years to students, pilots, flight instructors, aviation mechanics, air traffic controllers, career aviators, remote pilots and drone operators. ASA's pilot supplies, software, and publications are supported with integrity, consistency, superior customer service.

ASA (Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc.)

Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc. has been providing trusted aviation training products for more than 80 years to students, pilots, flight instructors, aviation mechanics, air traffic controllers, career aviators, remote pilots and drone operators. ASA's pilot supplies, software, and publications are supported with integrity, consistency, and superior customer service.

Ascend South West

We provide architectural visualization and data collection for land use planning projects.

Automapp Cloud

Online Platform for Visual Inspections with AI Automapp Cloud is a comprehensive solution for managing visual inspections, allowing you to capture, analyze, and report massive data from images and videos of georeferenced assets in one place.

Avaans Media Public Relations

We work with change makers to tell stories about innovation from startup through IPO. Our 100% executive level team creates PR strategies that support your business objectives; our exclusive onboarding process makes makes us 2X more productive and ensures we exceed our KPI promises, including tier 1 placements for our clients. Avaans means advantage - we are the premier public relations company for emerging industries.

Aviation and Aerospace Science Department-MSU Denv

MSU Denver’s Aviation and Aerospace Science Department has evolved into one of the largest and most sophisticated higher education programs in the country – all the while remaining the most affordable program of its kind. Our students have access to unrivaled resources no other university in Colorado can offer including innovative flight simulation training labs, satellite engineering lab and the same advanced technology and software used at NASA, and top US aeronautical and aerospace employers.

Azure Trails

Azure Trails is aa drone services provider with services including aerial photography and video, real estate, emergency response, construction, agriculture, precision 3D mapping and small drone shows.

Baldwin Safety & Compliance

Baldwin is a global company founded to support the continuous support of safety management systems (SMS), document management, and related safety solutions. Baldwin's highly experienced and certificated safety professionals provide 24/7 support to a wide range of UAS clients in Agriculture, Delivery, Insurance, Oil & Gas, Utilities, the DoD, and more. With Part 5 FAA mandates coming for 135 operators, contact us today to learn how we can assist you in implementing and supporting your SMS.

BirdDog Drones, Inc.

We are consultants to govt agencies and private corps and help those entities adopt and integrate UAS technologies into their operations and workflows. We provide pilot training, safety culture training, T-t-T courses, policies and procedure creation, purchase analysis, and more. Working with accounting, legal, and risk management departments to create drone programs/plans that stay within budget/ legal constraints, and maintain the highest safety stds for your staff, clientele, and the public.

Black Swift Technologies LLC

Black Swift Technologies is recognized for delivering reliable, robust, and highly accurate unmanned aircraft systems for gathering data in demanding environments. Our team of industry leading experts continue to develop cutting edge capabilities that push the possibilities of the technology.

Blue Ridge Mountain Drones

We prepare you to be a commercial drone pilot and meet FAA Part 107. FAA says if you use a drone to take photos or videos and they are used for many purposes that may be used other than for hobbyist purposes, you need to meet the FAA Part 107 rules. Commercial Examples would be search and rescue, damage assessment, and flying overhead for commercial and residential fires. Upon completion of the class, you will have the knowledge to take and pass the FAA 60-question test.

Bock Optronics Inc.

Bock Optronics is a Canadian distributor of imaging products for UAV and other mobile platforms. Cameras (VIS/NIR/SWIR, area and linescan), lenses, filters, cabling, rugged enclosures, embedded processing and recording solutions, and more. We can provide the products, knowledge and support for your aerial imaging applications.

Bohannan Huston, Inc.

Bohannan Huston, Inc. (BHI), founded in 1959, is a privately owned civil engineering and surveying firm serving the Southwest and Rocky Mountain regions. We specialize in surveying and mapping, engineering, and planning. Our exceptional reputation is built upon a spirit of service and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. Our team is led by some of the best and brightest engineers, surveyors, photogrammetrists, geospatial analysts, GIS experts, and other technical staff.

Boomerang Carnets

We grow businesses. We are specialists in all aspects of ATA Carnets, the internationally accepted customs document (aka the Merchandise Passport) for temporary exports. ATA Carnet use allows prototypes, demo equipment, measuring devices, samples, trade show exhibits, and gear to clear Customs import-duty and -tax free. Unmanned systems, UAVs, UAS, robotics, universities, defense, small- and mid-size companies, and entrepreneurs benefit.


Botlink is a cloud-based operations platform that links drones to industry in real time. Our platform allows users to capture, process and deliver aerial imagery anywhere, including into existing business software. We give teams the ability to make time-sensitive and collaborative decisions, even while a drone is still airborne. Botlink also provides automated drone control and safety features such as airspace alerts.

C-Link Systems, Inc.

c-Link Systems, Inc., has been designing and building autonomous ground robots for all non-military job applications for 18 years. The company has an extensive background in autonomous ground robotics, controls/automation, and satellite/missile guidance systems. Forager is the main chassis; with a smaller version already released plus custom AMRs. Both families address disaster, construction, landscaping, agriculture, and mining markets. A new educational offering scheduled for 4th qtr. 2023.

CAPGOV Solutions

CAPGOV is a full-service federal government relations firm in Washington, D.C. CAPGOV specializes in helping clients achieve legislative, regulatory, policy and procurement objectives (Defense and non-Defense).

Carolina Unmanned Vehicles Inc.

Carolina Unmanned Vehicles builds a small mobile tethered blimp, the Expeditionary Aerostat System (EAS). It carries Intel, communications relays and EO and IR payloads for long term 24/7 operation. Non-military applications include law enforcement, border security and research.Counter UAS systems, the EXCIPIO Net gun System intercepts uses a rapidly ejected net to ensnare a threat UAS. The Spitfire gun pod consists of Excipio guidance solution and 22 caliber automatic pistols.

Censys Technologies

Censys Technologies is a leading provider of innovative drone technology and intelligent solutions. With a commitment to delivering cutting-edge products and services, Censys Technologies enables organizations to optimize operations, improve safety, and gain valuable insights through the power of drones and advanced analytics.

CHC Navigation

CHC Navigation (CHCNAV) creates innovative mapping, navigation, and positioning solutions to make customers' work more efficient. CHCNAV products and solutions cover multiple industries such as geospatial, construction, agriculture, and marine. With a presence across the globe, distributors in more than 120 countries, and more than 1,700 employees, today, CHC Navigation is recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in geomatics technologies.


Since 1968 Clear-Com has provided communication and connectivity solutions for command and control, training and simulation and secure communications applications. Our broad portfolio of COTS intercom systems includes wired and wireless systems, fiber transport and IP-based conferencing solutions used by Military, Aerospace and Government agencies for critical operations.


Compunetix, a US small business, provides mission critical voice communications for multiple command control applications including UAVs. Compunetix MVP enable access, control and monitoring of multiple red/black VoIP and/or TDM voice sources. We offer a variety of voice audio/video consoles (MC, TDI-13, GT-XPC) and accessories including, 4 Star IP Gateway, We want to hear about and support your unique UAV command and control communications needs for beyond line of sight operations.

Copterpix Ltd.

Manufacturing drone solutions based on our CPX Opened Framework full end-to-end open-sourced solution enables to deliver 30% longer flight/heavier payloads than ANY commercial drone.Our Portfolio:•Long inspection Quad drones (80-100min airtime)•Hexa multi-purpose drones, 15Kg payload•Hybrid drones, 5-7 hours endurance time•Rhino Hybrid Parallel Drone, 25Kg payload to 50Km (next year: 100Kg/100Km) for 2 hours•APS300 Autonomous Patrolling system using 30ograms Micro Drones.

D-Fend Solutions

D-Fend Solutions is the leading RF cyber-based counter-drone takeover technology provider, enabling control, safety, and continuity during rogue drone incidents to overcome current and emerging drone threats across complex and sensitive environments. With hundreds of deployments worldwide, EnforceAir, the company’s core non-jamming, non-kinetic offering, focuses on the most dangerous drone threats. EnforceAir autonomously executes RF cyber-takeovers of rogue drones for safe landings and outcomes, ensuring the smooth flow of communications, commerce, transportation, and everyday life.

Dan Powers Sound+Vision

San Francisco Bay Area drone video and photography services. Real Estate, roof and building inspections, commercial and residential construction site documentation, and more.

DeTect Inc.

DeTect’s HARRIER Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) system is based on DeTect’s HARRIER Airspace Surveillance Radar technology and provides long-range airspace monitoring with automatic aircraft risk advisories including cooperative and non-cooperative aircraft detection to extend UAV operations beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS).

Drone Tech Aerospace Ltd.

Professional Drone Services Above & Beyond Others...

Aerial drone services for land surveying (topographical photogrammetry & LiDAR),

inspection of buildings/bridges/cranes/construction sites/industrial structures/roofs, and aerial photography & video/film.

DTA supplies market leading drone services for engineering applications and photography/film.

DroneLogbook simplifies drone operations and management. It's a centralized hub for flight data, compliance, and maintenance tracking. Users can log flight details, check regulatory requirements, and schedule maintenance tasks. The platform supports collaboration, real-time tracking, and data security. Detailed reporting and analytics offer insights for better decision-making. Integrations with third-party tools enhance functionality.

Dynamic Systems, LLC

Providing aerial imagery for construction, mapping, indoor/outdoor events, marketing, website enhancement and residential and commercial Real Estate.Discounts given for non-profit organizations.


The EDCI is a professionally managed startup advisory company promoted by experienced Ex - defense, legal and law enforcement personnel having proven decades-old expertise and a strong national and international network.


Elsight Halo delivers absolute connection confidence as the first 5G enabled, AI-powered connectivity solution for UAVs, providing 99.9% uptime. The highly cybersecure solution uses advanced algorithms that split all forms of data, including video, telemetry and sensor data into encrypted packets. Secure VPN tunnelling delivers this data stream via the best possible link or links either to Elsight’s proprietary cloud platform or your own server, where the packets are decrypted and recombined.


With more than 20 years’ experience, EMMU Aerial provides public safety agencies and organizations with aerial and UAS/drone training and services for search and rescue, law enforcement, firefighting, disaster response, damage assessment and more throughout the world.

EPIX, Inc.

Manufacturers of small image capture systems for infrared cameras that fit in embedded computers. We include ready to run software and have development libraries for customized solutions.

FAST UAS Test Range

FAST UAV Test RANGE. Part Of The Pan-Pacific Uas Test Range Complex, A division of Northwest UAV. Finally, a one-stop-shop for those deploying UAVs professionally — Discover how our team helps you succeed! For private testing, an authentic flying experience, and direct access to NWUAV’s one-stop UAV shop — The FAST Range is the Oregon test site you’ve been searching for! With a COA granted to Northwest UAV, the FAST Range began operation in September 2019.

Fidelis Aerial Imaging

We bring the job site to your desktop. Fidelis specializes in Storm Damage Assessment, Routine Maintenance Inspections, and ongoing QA/QC for construction projects. Our deliverables include Aerial Imaging, 360° Virtual Tours, Orthomosaic Mapping, and 3D Models of your job site. Fidelis is a Veteran Owned Small Business.

Fizoptika Malta

Fizoptika Malta is a manufacturer of the miniature fiber optic gyroscopes (FOGs) and FOG-based inertial measurement units (FOG IMUs) with 30+ years of industrial experience. Our sensors provide critical data for guidance, control and inertial navigation systems used in remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), unmanned surface vehicles (USVs), robotics and drones.

Flex Force Enterprises Inc.

Flex Force, founded in 2010, is a business focused on transitioning promising new technologies in robotics, signal processing, and software into deployable products. Flex Force designs and manufactures the DRONEBUSTER hand-held drone countermeasure. The DRONEBUSTER is the best selling drone countermeasure in the world and is used exclusively by the U.S. Department of Defense for their hand-held countermeasure needs.

FLITE Material Sciences

FLITE can change the surface texture of your aircraft or watercraft to reduce drag, fly in harsher conditions, or evacuate heat from working surfaces. This surface engineering method isn't a coating - doesn't add any weight, consume any power or leave any traces behind. Happy to demonstrate our abilities with any commercial or defense UAV or UUV designer (US company and CAGE code for DOD work is available). Thank you.

Flying Turtle Drone Videography

Aerial photography and videography for homeowners, businesses, communities, and events. From a perspective you've never seen! Contact for more info or a quote.

Flyover Drone Services

Flyover Drone Services offer efficient and precise data insights with industry leading equipment. LiDAR Topography with cm level accuracy, High-Resolution Photogrammetry 3D Modeling, FLIR Thermal Inspections, and more! Serving clients nationwide with locations in AZ & WI.

FnGravity LLC

Your World From a Higher Plane! Providing Professional Drone Services in the Mid-Atlantic region and Maine including: Photography Videography Real estate sales Inspections, Construction progress flights, High-resolution maps, Elevation maps. Over 500 hours of logged commercial drone flight time. Insured. Commercial/instrument pilot as well.

Fruity Chutes

Fruity Chutes is a world leader in the manufacturing of parachute recovery systems for drones, fixed wing, VTOL, and other UAS. Fruity Chutes provides parachute recovery systems to the top UAS manufacturers including Fortem Technologies, AAI Textron, Quest UAV, Silent Falcon, Aeromao, Matternet and more. Other customers include Space X, Google, Intel, NASA, MIT and Boeing. Fruity Chutes prioritizes working with UAV manufacturers to provide them with world class recovery systems.

Galaxy Unmanned Systems LLC

Galaxy Unmanned Systems LLC specializes in unmanned aircraft, including drones (fixed-wing & multi-copters) and LTA vehicles (free-flying airships & tethered aerostats). Our experience includes the full range of possible support: design, simulation, prototyping, certification, manufacture, operation, pilot training, and technical documentation. We collaborate in public/private partnerships supporting AAM initiatives with developed dual-use defense capabilities.

GCG Consulting Resources Group

Experienced (over 35+ years) consulting services in several areas including technical, cost, and schedule management. Can provide support for strategic planning and business development efforts. Well connected with industry and government organizations. Focus is on unmanned systems but can support all defense systems.

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc.

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI), an affiliate of General Atomics, is the leading manufacturer of Unmanned Aircraft systems, radars, and electro-optic and related mission systems solutions, including the Predator aircraft series and the Lynx Multi-mode Radar. The company has delivered more than 1,000 aircraft in its 30-year history. GA-ASI’s UAS family includes Predator B/MQ-9 Reaper, Gray Eagle 25M, Predator C Avenger, and the MQ-9B SkyGuardian/SeaGuardian.


Leaders in LiDAR mapping hardware & software We bring geospatial experts the very best in drone surveying equipment, geospatial software, workflow, training and support for high accuracy LiDAR and drone mapping to help professionals achieve successful data collection, processing, and management. With TrueView drone LiDAR/Imaging sensors, LP360 point cloud data processing software, and fully integrated systems from Microdrones, we are the leader in LiDAR.

Global Strategy Support LLC

More than 50 years of experience in unmanned aerial and ground systems. Help companies identify business opportunities and prepare proposals. Support M&A activities to include target search, analysis and due diligence. Program management support including preparation of detailed program schedule and resources. Price-to-win analysis. Management of “colored” review teams, proposals writing and review.

Gorman Field

Gorman Field, located approximately 6 miles south of the Grand Forks Airforce Base, is a premier UAS testing facility with cutting-edge hangar space, office space, open flight-testing areas, and expert support. Owned by the UND Aerospace Foundation, we ask you to join our collaborative community to push the boundaries of unmanned aviation and soar to new heights. Safety, compliance, and innovation converge in the boundless skies above.

Grand Forks Region Economic Development Corporation

The Grand Forks Region leads the United States in UAS with the first state-wide beyond visual line of sight network. Join the ecosystem and experience over 70,000 square miles of BVLOS airspace.

Leverage unique funding programs and low-interest financing through the Bank of North Dakota, the only state-owned bank in the country. Funding programs shaped for UAS industry success are available in the nation’s UAS epicenter: Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Contact Bill Adams to learn more.

Greater North Dakota Chamber

We represent business interests throughout North Dakota, so you can focus on your business, which is what you do best.

Guard Unit LLC

We work with Marines, Soldiers and industry to provide a high fidelity Adversary or Future Force for live training events and experiments. Tactics, technology integration, Force on Force training, ADFOR/OPFOR and Future Force design, sUAS, X-UAS , EW, simulations, signature management, experimental and developmental technologies.

HawkView Aerial Solutions

Whether you're an owner, developer, contractor, or real estate professional… we can help! We provide a wide range of professional aerial and ground-based services customized for all the angles needed to keep track of your project. HawkView Aerial has been capturing professional aerial images since 2016, logging over 1,200 drone flight hours. We hold an FAA Part 107 certificate and maintain aviation and general liability insurance.

HC Robotics-Drone Division

Elevate your industry with HC Robotics - Drone Division. Specializing in construction, agriculture, and private sector services, our FAA Part 107 certified pilots and global engineering team provide precise aerial data collection, 3D modeling, and photogrammetry for informed decision-making. Unleash success today – Visit or Call 1-470-257-6209.

Homeland Environmental Solutions

Harness the benefits of this tech in many ways! We know that you're competing on a bigger scale than ever before, your labor & production costs are probably the highest you’ve seen, finding good help is harder, but your consumer expectations keep rising. But even with all of that you’ve got things you want to achieve, a legacy to leave, and maybe even shareholders to please. And if you’re reading this– We assert that you ain’t quittin’ anytime soon TRANSFORMING AG SAVES YOU TIME & MONEY

HSE-UAV Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC

Our UAS + ROV help keep our homeland safe, and facilitate agricultural innovation, surveying & commercial ops. We also offer spraying/seeding services! As 1 of America’s oldest industrial drone companies, we've learned a thing or 2. We're the people who care, the connections that matter + the tech that delivers. As a Veteran & Family owned company, we take great pride in our team. We're committed to YOUR success and can’t wait to help! WORLD-CLASS SERVICE | EXPERT GUIDANCE | 100% USA BASED | FAA

Ideal Aerosmith Inc.

Ideal Aerosmith has developed an Unmanned Vehicle (UxV) mission planning system based upon the Air Force Research Lab Vigilant Spirit (VS) ground control station. The system supports multi-day missions and collaborative operations of interest to defense and commercial customers. Ideal Aerosmith has supported diverse customer needs since 1938. We are the premier provider of products and services including motion testing, HW/SW simulation, build-to-print, and engineering test solutions.

illunis LLC

Committed to being the world’s leading supplier of digital imaging solutions for high performance imaging markets, illunis LLC solves its customers’ needs by focusing on developing, manufacturing, and marketing leading edge CMOS digital cameras for Industrial, Scientific, Military, and Aerial applications. illunis LLC strategy is to identify and market imaging solutions that provide value to OEM partners.

Innovation Law Office

Experienced IP counsel serving startup and mature small/mid-sized mature companies based in states spanning from the East to the West Coast. Life-long aviator, former military aviator, and former control systems engineer. Strengths including developing patent portfolio and risk management strategies that align with business strategies, exit plans, and budgets, and executing on those IP strategies with internal IP processes and external formal IP filings, monetization, enforcement, and defense.

InterMet Systems

InterMet is a leader in WxUAS technology and has been building weather sensors meant for UAS/UAV deployment for over a decade. The CopterSonde 3 boundary layer vertical profiler is a new collaboration between InterMet and the University of Oklahoma. Users will be able to measure pressure, temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction anytime, anywhere. The iMet-X4 Hub features six sensor ports that can accommodate dual temperature and humidity sensors and two third-party gas sensors.

ISight Drone Services

A small drone company headquartered in Grand Forks, ND with offices in Watford City, ND, Fargo, ND and Bloomington, MN. We specialize in providing the highest quality drone data to exceed our customers expectations. We have operated in 43 states and 9 countries and inspect everything from wind turbines, solar panels, transmission lines, pipelines, stockpiles to real estate shots.

ISight Drone Services

Commercial and industrial drone inspection services focusing critical energy infrastructure.

KENDRONE Ltd. -Kenya

The 1st KCAA approved drone company in Kenya, Nov 2020.Commercial Services: including Film industry, industrial inspection, thermal, mapping and more. Approved Drone Training Organization. Approved import and seller.

Kilmer U.A.S.

Kilmer U.A.S. specializes in Professional Part 107 Certified Aerial Photography in the Longview/Tyler Texas Area, supporting all your Aerial Photography needs! We fly the Mavic Air 2, specializing in Real Estate, Nature, and Social Media Photography and Videography. Please our Instagram Page @kilmeruas for more information. For more information about your pilot and owner of Kilmer UAS, please visit Do not hesitate to ask for a quote.


Kirkwall defends autonomous systems from critical failure, utilizing machine-learning to train systems to self-identify problems before they become catastrophic. Kirkwall’s algorithm enables cyber attack detection, diagnostic monitoring, and preventative maintenance for UAVs, IoT-enabled AgTech, and industrial systems, allowing for termination of access and communications to affected systems.

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions develops and fields transformative, affordable technology,platforms and systems for United States National Security related customers, allies and commercial enterprises. Kratos specializes in unmanned systems, satellite communications, cyber security/warfare, microwaveelectronics, missile defense, hypersonic systems, training, combat systems and next generation turbo jet and turbo fanengine development.

Leonardo DRS

Leonardo DRS, a leading technology innovator and supplier of integrated products, services, and support to worldwide military and civilian customers is powering the next generation of tactical gimbals. Leveraging Leonardo DRS’ own HD MWIR (Hexablu®) and HD LWIR (Tenum®) camera cores, and a unique, highly stabilized, modular design, the STAG Family of Gimbals provides best in class imaging capabilities across a broad range of airborne, ground or maritime mission needs and platforms.

LeTourneau University

Our UAS degree program seeks to develop professional leaders in the UAS industry who are exemplary and effective. We offer associate and bachelor degrees for UAS pilots, technicians, and electrical systems engineers. We leverage our world-class School of Aviation to provide a solid foundation of knowledge in the aviation industry and provide our students with hands-on experience with building, programming, testing, troubleshooting, and operating unmanned systems.

LKD Aerospace

LKD Aerospace distributes world-class inertial products used for navigation and precision stabilization as well as resilient navigation systems used to ensure mission success in challenging GNSS environments.

Proudly celebrating 40 years serving the defense and aerospace communities, LKD Aerospace distributes specialized factory new aerospace and defense components, subsystems and systems to one thousand global customers. LKD’s Quality Management System (QMS) is certified to AS9100D.

Loki Research, LLC

Loki Research has become synonymous with words such as quality, performance, precision and most notable reliability. We manufacture high quality solid propellant and rocket motor hardware, and we provide supplies for motor diameters between 38mm and 152mm. Since marketing our first rocket motors in 2004, Loki Research has earned a solid reputation for providing its customers products of excellent reliability, quality, performance and value.

Loudoun County Economic Development

Hover No More: Drone Innovators Rise to New Heights in Loudoun. At the Loudoun County Department of Economic Development, we’re here to help build your business. Dedicated to recruiting new business, growing our existing industries, and improving our county’s business climate, we’re ready and waiting to provide a wide range of services for your company, whether you’re a start-up or well-established player.


We manufacture autonomous GPS-free inspection stations that repeatably collect precise measurements of inspected objects – drilling rigs, inside/outside storage tanks, chimneys, pipe racks, and similar objects. As a result, with a help of AI, we save inspectors time by pointing out the suspect artifacts and we show the size of the defect in millimeter precision (welding defects, corrosion, or cracks). A quick video overview is here:

MAK Technologies, Inc.

MAK Technologies is a global leader in modeling and simulation software that provides a virtual world where our customers do training, experimentation, mission rehearsal, research and development, and virtual prototyping. For more than thirty years, our open architecture platform has enabled our customers to build unique, winning simulation solutions.

Maris Tech

Smart Video Streaming & AI Acceleration at the Edge for Autonomous Remote Platforms. Maris’ solutions offer the smart on-board architecture that enables real-time and accurate video and AI processing, such as object detection, classification, and tracking. These sophisticated capabilities make Maris the field-proven solution of choice for intelligence gathering, situational awareness, and decision making effectiveness, for drones, UAVs and other autonomous remote Platforms.


MICH-AIR is a commercial drone park currently under development at the Battle Creek Executive Airport (BTL) in Battle Creek, Michigan. The facility will serve as a hub for advanced air mobility in the Great Lakes Region. MICH-AIR is being positioned for large drones manufacturing, operations, maintenance & repair, and training, as well as urban air mobility. MICH-AIR is being led by Battle Creek Unlimited (BCU), the economic development organization for the City of Battle Creek.

Michael Best Consulting

Best Autonomous Insights takes a comprehensive approach to autonomous systems development and integration, addressing technical, regulatory, and social challenges. Our team has proven experience transitioning autonomous technologies from prototypes to fielded capabilities in air, ground, and maritime domains. We also have extensive knowledge of infrastructure requirements, including connectivity and facilities (vertiports); data management; and public perception.

Mid-Atlantic Drones, LLC

Mid-Atlantic Drones has been flying the DC Metro Airspace since 2016. Our pilots have logged more than 2,000 flight hours for construction, broadcast and aerial cinematography. We specialize in the DC Flight-Restricted Zone and flights in downtown Washington, DC. Our two principle partners are also private pilots flying manned aircraft. We know drones, airspace and how to get the data and shots you want the first time and every time.

Midwest Drone Productions LLC

Full drone production co. Minari, Unplugging, OWN network, 8 seasons of “Osiyo Voices of the Cherokee People” , 3 seasons of Reservation Dogs. These are some of the productions we have provided drone services for. We also work for ABC network often.


MightyFly’s mission is to provide fast, affordable and carbon neutral same-day cargo delivery solutions to companies and governments. MightyFly is a leading manufacturer and operator of autonomous, fixed-wing eVTOL cargo aircraft with a cargo capacity of 100 and 500 pounds, a range of 600 miles and speed of 150 mph. The cargo-first design enables point-to-point, same-day and express deliveries and optimizes for speed, automation, efficiency, high throughput and high margins for customers.

MTM Global LLC

Business owners face many daunting challenges with growth, profitability, cash flow, organizational alignment, etc., with limited “go to” skills within their organization. MTM Global, leveraging over 20 years with rotary and fixed wing companies, can help. We are the trusted “go to” problem solvers.

Nanomotion Ltd.

Nanomotion manufactures the Velox Sensing Payload. An EOIR, gyro stabilized payload providing unmatched performance in stabilization and panoramic image acquisition. The 430g Velox stabilizes to 80urad and can capture 6 fields of view per second, building a user programmable matrix of images.

Near Earth Autonomy

Near Earth’s technology allows aircraft to autonomously take off, fly, and land safely, with or without GPS. Their solutions enable aerial mobility applications for partners in the commercial and defense sectors. Near Earth bridges the gap between aerospace and robotics with complete systems that improve efficiency, performance, and safety for aircraft ranging from small drones to full-size helicopters.

Neuvatek Inc.

Neuvatek is an Austin-based technology company focusing on the Research and Development of electronics for industrial and Commercial applications including IIoT and Navigation systems including MEMS-based inertial systems. Through its subsidiary Optinav, based in Grand Forks, Neuvatek designs and develops Low-cost/HighAccuracy IMUs based on cluster arrays of adavnced inertial and magnetic sensors. This advanced IMU technology enables BVLOS and navigation in GPS-denied enviropnments.

Non Line of Sight Wireless

Non Line of Sight Wireless does: (1) consulting for UAV/UAS data link system design, (2) RF LInk bench testing to verify the data link module meet their published specs. (3) Data link integration onto your UAV platform. (4) On-site training for RF test equipment operation and procedures. I do not represent or sell any data link OEM brand. I know the top suppliers with the latest technology for air to ground data links using COFDM, TDMA with TCP/UDP IP protocols including MIMO and MESH.

Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman solves the toughest problems in space, aeronautics, defense and cyberspace to meet the ever evolving needs of our customers worldwide. Our 95,000 employees are Defining Possible every day using science, technology and engineering to create and deliver advanced systems, products and services.

Northwest Kansas Technical College

Northwest Kansas Technical College

sUAS on-the-job:Precision AgricultureCrime Scene InvestigationEngineering TechnologyElectrical TechnologyComputer Graphics

Private through Commercial Pilot Training

Northwest UAV

America’s trusted leader in American-made UAV propulsion and integrated solutions, Northwest UAV, continues to engineer the future of unmanned power systems. NWUAV delivers unmatched capabilities to address modern challenges and navigate demanding environments. Since 2009, our experienced team has engineered and equipped customers with reliable, cost-effective, aviation-grade propulsion solutions. Our in-house CNC machine shop ensures accurate and durable components.

NorthWind Drones

Photography and Videography Mapping Photogrammetry Inspections Monitoring

NW Rapid Manufacturing

NW Rapid Manufacturing is your source for rapid manufactured 3D printed parts and prototypes. Known by many industries for quick reliable turnaround, NW Rapid has over a decade worth of experience of problem-solving difficult parts and bringing ideas into full scale production. NW Rapid Mfg. is fully committed to delivering high-quality parts and customer support while offering competitive pricing. We are a premier 3D printing service.


OneSky is a global UTM company developing airspace assessment, operations, and traffic management solutions for the aviation industry. Our goal is to harmonize the sky - ensuring safe, efficient, and scalable access to all airspace users. We take a robust and long-term approach to UTM, envisioning the challenges ahead as traffic management is unified for all operators. By working with all stakeholders - drone operators, drone manufacturers, and airspace authorities

P.C.D.S .-Premier Closing and Drone Services

PCDS is a Full Service Mobile Real Estate Closing and Document signing company, also providing Drone Services - including Aerial Real Estate photos/videos, as well as Insurance underwriting and claims inspections.

P3 Tech Consulting

P3 Tech Consulting, led by CEO & Founder Dawn Zoldi (Col. U.S. Air Force Ret.), a licensed attorney & Part 107 pilot, connects people with a passion for advanced technologies with the information they need to succeed. Services include consulting, branding, content creation & education. Platforms include the popular Dawn of Drones podcast, Law-Tech Connect Workshops & freelance contributions to multiple media outlets.

Phoenix Air Unmanned, LLC

Aviation experts providing beyond visual line of sight inspection services for electric utilities, oil and gas, and survey & engineering firms. Founded on the principles of aviation and safety assurance, Phoenix Air Unmanned is committed to the highest standards of unmanned aircraft operations and aerial data collection. We lead the way in sensor technology, operator performance, and commercial regulatory approvals to create the most innovative inspection solutions serving multiple industries.

Pierce Aerospace Inc.

Pierce Aerospace has developed Remote ID solutions since 2017 and is funded by the US Air Force, the State of Indiana, and Techstars. The company's integrated Remote ID solutions are fine-tuned through rigorous US Military experimentation. As drone lovers ourselves, we work towards developing premier products that are only of the highest quality. We are based out of the racing capital of the world Indianapolis and all of our products are built and produced here in the United States.


Pointivo is the software leader in digital twin technology, offering AI-driven analytics to automate physical asset inspection. The platform integrates machine learning, computer vision, and advanced analytics to optimize business processes. As the pioneer in analytics powering the drone industry, Pointivo’s extensive patent portfolio gives it broad ownership of many of the enabling technologies required to drive the growth and future of digital twins and automated asset inspection.

Pratt & Whitney

Pratt & Whitney is pushing the boundaries of innovative aircraft propulsion systems for emerging and disruptive capabilities.

PteroDynamics Inc.

PteroDynamics, Inc. is an innovation leader in autonomous VTOL aircraft systems design. PteroDynamic’s Transwing® aircraft can fly farther, fly faster, and carry a proportionally larger payload than other autonomous VTOL aircraft. Its unique capabilities are ideal for operators that want to automate time-sensitive delivery of critical, high-value payloads to hard-to-reach locations with no runways, including maritime logistics, payload delivery to remote locations without airstrips, and ISR.

Raptor Photoncis

Raptor Photonics is a UK manufacturer designing and manufacturing a range of Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance (ISTAR) systems, used for Night Vision, Surveillance and Target Location systems. We have cameras on gimbals and turrets of air, sea and land-based applications. Our cameras are also flying on current LEO CubeSat missions. We world with government organisations who demand the highest quality and absolute reliability.

Red River Corridor Fund

The RRCF supports local business development by investing seed and early stage money in businesses with exciting ideas and high potential.


RIEGL is an international leading provider of cutting-edge technology in airborne, mobile, terrestrial, bathymetric, and UAV-based laser scanning for applications in surveying. Based on their Ultimate LiDAR Technology, RIEGL offers a broad range of LiDAR sensors and systems for UAV-based applications in airborne surveying, like corridor mapping, topography in open-cast mining, archeology, surveying of urban environments, or forestry.

SAM Companies

Leading the nation in Geospatial and Inspection services, SAM is the most trusted and sought-after company in the infrastructure ecosystem. We advance spatial data acquisition, analysis, and predictive analytics, to provide safe, cost-efficient spatial datasets for infrastructure planning, design, and operations. Our UAS team captures high-resolution LiDAR and Remote Sensing datasets nationwide to deliver high-fidelity 3D digital datasets. SAM is Trusted, Knowledgeable, and Innovative.

SBG Systems

SBG Systems is a leading manufacturer of inertial motion sensing solutions. The company provides a wide range of solutions, from miniature to high accuracy. Combined with cutting-edge calibration techniques and advanced embedded algorithms, SBG Systems products are ideal solutions for all applications. SBG Systems offers a complete line of inertial sensors, such as Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) or Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), based on the state-of-the-art MEMS technology.


SICDRONE makes the fastest Group 2 (20-55lb) multicopter UAS in the world capable of carrying many lightweight camera/sensor payload types for missions over 10 miles, while heavier payload options are also available for short range missions under 10 miles. Typically, the payload systems we provide our customers are 3 to 15lbs and there are dozens of payload options from security to delivery. Our software currently limits the speed of our Group 2 aircraft to 100mph.

Singular Aircraft S.L.

SINGULAR AIRCRAFT, S.L. is a UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) company, that design, certify, produce, and operate one of the biggest UAS in the market. The Flyox I has a Useful weight of 1800 kg with a fully automatic capability and ready to operate in fire-fighting missions, cargo delivery within flight cargo drop capability (up to 1500 kg) and surveillance (maritime patrol).


SkyOp - We're a commercial drone Education and Training company. We provide direct training and have extensive courseware that we License to organizations and provide Train-the-Instructor courses. Our extensive curriculum Includes drone flight training, FAA Part 107 certification. Autonomous flight, data collection, advanced data analytics and more. A Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business.

Spicer Group, Inc.

Spicer Group, Inc. provides professional engineering, land surveying, community planning and architectural services. From on-demand solutions to long-term planning, our deliverables are Stronger, Safer and Smarter. Count on us to give you tailored solutions that fit your specific needs. We are experts in a variety of geospatial services, including LiDAR and photogrammetry. Our projects take us all over the country.

Strategic Response Partners

With decades of experience in disaster recovery for government, commercial and border security operations under the direction of the law enforcement, our experienced extreme drone teams focus on efficiency and being ahead of the action. Today, organizations across all industries utilize and rely on our in-depth knowledge and technology to help them advance their cause.

Sunhillo Corporation

Sunhillo's UAS Situational Awareness Solution Fuses multiple surveillance sources (Radar, ADS-B, UAS Tracking) to display tracks on a single map or provide the data in ATC formats for distribution to a command center or local ATC. Our Surveillance Monitoring System (SMS) displays fused tracks with geofencing, recording playback, and alerts. Sunhillo's Margate II ADS-B receiver is trusted by the US military. The UAS-C provides tracking of UAS aircraft to be displayed alongside crewed aircraft.

Synergy Aerospace, Inc.

Specializing in UAS payloads and integration for DoD platforms

The HIVE Grand Forks

The HIVE, located in downtown Grand Forks, is a one-of-a-kind hybrid business accelerator & incubator focused on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and autonomous systems with access to mentorship, investment, and partnership. The HIVE features tailored programming for growth-stage firms and upskilling training for workforce development.

The World Protection Group

The World Protection Group (WPG) offers full-service executive protection both in the U.S. and internationally, providing the most robust protection and threat management services through intelligence and an emphasis on proactive and preventive protection. Founded in 2001 by Kent Moyer and headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, WPG also has offices in Mexico City/Mexico, Shanghai/China, and Okinawa/Japan.

Thunderbird Drone Festival

Get ready to fly high at the third Annual Thunderbird Drone Festival - Oklahoma's first and only drone film/photo festival and drone technology event! Join us for an amazing weekend & witness mind-blowing drone races, stunning cinematography, and a drone light show! Experience the future of drones firsthand! August 25th and 26th at the Woodward Conference Center in Woodward, OK. Buy your tickets TODAY!!! Check out our 2022 recap page:

TransLumen Technologies, LLC

TransLumen rapidly prototypes to create serious mobile gamification apps driven by AI with observational scanning tools. It’s UX/UI next gen designs integrates cohesive architecture with augmented reality/virtual reality/and 3D modeling. TransLumen also produces next gen alarms and alerts by implementing proprietary STEGC® to reduce visual noise and clutter mitigating cognitive overload. TransLumen is a government and commercial contractor as well as a Nasa UTM and FAA COE industry partner.

TruWeather Solutions

TruWeather has engineered the benchmark blueprint for micro weather precision, system architecture and infrastructure needed for industry sustainability. This enables effective monitoring and communications for air mobility, smart cities, and other autonomous software ecosystems regarding weather dynamics. The key to TruWeather's success is providing an "Ecosystem of Weather Intelligence" powered by leading-edge technologies.

Imaging-Photos & Videos


uAvionix was founded with the mission of providing solutions that support the safe and efficient integration of Ucrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) into National Airspace System (NAS). Offering TSO certified and uncertified avionics for General Aviation (GA), Airport Surface Vehicles and the UAS markets, uAvionix is a global leader in the development and production of the lowest size, weight and power (SWaP) avionics for command, navigation, and surveillance.

UND Aerospace

With 50 years of experience in aviation education, training, and research, UND was the first to offer a UAS degree in 2009. We continue to be national leaders in UAS education and research today.

UND Aerospace

The second-largest degree-granting college at the University of North Dakota, the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences operates one of the largest fleets of civilian aircraft in North America.Leading the world in aerospace education and research UND Aerospace is a world-renowned center for aerospace learning, nationally acclaimed for our achievements in collegiate aviation education, atmospheric research, space studies, and earth system science and policy research. 

With more than 500 faculty and staff members, 2,000+ students from around the world, and myriad programs and projects, the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences is setting the pace for the future of flight.

Universal Solutions International

USI provides consulting & acquisition services for the Department of Defense and Industry to support System Life-cycle Management in the critical capability domains of Aviation Electrification, Hydrogen propulsion, Unmanned Aviation Systems, Information Technologies, and Expeditionary Logistics Support

University of Kansas Flight Research Laboratory (F

The FRL core research and development expertise is in precision navigation, guidance and flight control for UAS conducting remote sensing operations. Flight test core expertise is in flight test for validation and verification of flight control technologies including AI flight controllers. Navigation and guidance for multiple UAS is enabled by mesh network communication networks. UAS are designed, built and deployed in the cryosphere for remote sensing of ice sheets.

University of Maryland-UAS Research and Operations

The University of Maryland UAS Research and Operations Center (UROC) is at the forefront of UAS research and is comprised of experts in military and civilian aviation, engineering, and project management. UROC experts leverage decades of experience and cutting-edge technology to accelerate the safe, responsible application of UAS in public and private industries. A current focus is developing the Chesapeake UAS Route Network for integrated crewed/uncrewed regional flight operations.

Valqari Drone Delivery

Valqari pioneers drone delivery infrastructure, redefining business operations. Our self-contained DronePort boasts advanced features like precise centering, secure package mounting, and rapid retrieval. With proprietary AI -driven tech, we ensure secure handling. Prioritizing safety, our design tackles industry challenges, integrating seamlessly into networks. Valqari empowers with efficient, secure, scalable solutions


Drone services provider. RTK, Thermal, construction, building inspections, Utilities, Right of Way, 8+ years experience.

Vigilant Aerospace Systems

Vigilant Aerospace Systems is a leader in multi-sensor detect-and-avoid and airspace management systems for UAS, UTM and AAM. Based on two licensed NASA patents, the company’s FlightHorizon system can be used onboard or in the cloud and provides a 3D moving map with real-time aircraft tracking, traffic warnings and automatic avoidance commands. The system integrates UAS telemetry, radar and transponder data, live FAA data and UTM data to support BVLOS operations for commercial and defense.

Volatus Aerospace Inc.

Volatus Aerospace’s goal is to consolidate, innovate, and disrupt the aerial intelligence market by integrating UAS imaging, inspection, security and surveillance solutions with traditional aviation practices through our services, value-added resale and support, advanced training and consultation, and proprietary technologies in the civil, defense, and public safety sectors.

Williams Environmental Group, LLC (WEG, LLC)

WEG, LLC. is an environmental consulting firm that offer environmental and UAS services. We assist our partners with finding a balance between profitability and environmental responsibility. We offer professional services including environmental site assessments, regulatory compliance, management, stormwater/wastewater, wetland delineation, water quality, and more. We also perform UAS assessments, inspections, photogrammetry, surveys and training.

Workhorse Aerospace

Changing Work for Good We build dependable logistics solutions for all types of work. Made with durable EV components and intuitive technical features, our trucks and drones are engineered to make every job smarter, safer, and more productive than before. Whether by road or by air, our fleet can help you handle today’s needs with an eye on tomorrow’s demands.

Wright Flyer Consulting Group Inc.

UAS/UAM Consulting (Commercial Drone Delivery, Regulatory, Safety Management Systems, Industry Networking, Business Development, Contract Negotiation and Drafting); Advisory Board; Project Management