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Abaris Training Resources, Inc.

Abaris is the world leader in advanced composite materials training and services. We offer over 23 short 5-day courses in engineering/design, manufacturing, and repair of composite structures. We can host your team at our facility or yours. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you.


Founded in 2015, AeroDefense provides a proven and unique Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum-sensing drone and pilot detection system called the AirWarden™ system. The patented system, detects, tracks, and identifies both drone and pilot simultaneously via a network of sensors, providing actionable intelligence so security teams can stop the source of the threat – the drone pilot. AeroDefense offers flexible fixed/permanent, temporary/portable, and vehicle or marine vessel-based deployment options that operate in motion.

Aeroworks Productions, LLC

Professional, FAA Certificated and Insured specialty imaging company. Aerial Imaging, Aerial Mapping, Laser Scanning, 3D/VR, 360 Photography/Video, Architectural Audits and 4K video Production.

Airborne Public Safety Association

The Airborne Public Safety Association, Inc. [APSA], is a non-profit educational, individual membership, public benefit corporation, founded in 1968, whose mission is to promote and advance the safe and effective utilization of manned and unmanned aircraft by governmental agencies in support of public safety operations through training, networking, advocacy and educational programs. We fulfill this mission through seminars, product expositions, classes, publications and our website, all of which provide multiple networking opportunities that members find invaluable. Visit us at


Airvelations is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) providing Small Unmanned Aerial System (SUAS) consulting, technical training and operational support services to the Federal Government, State and Local Emergency Response and Commercial clients.

AlarisPro, Inc.

AlarisPro is an intuitive software solution that efficiently tracks and manages an organization's aircraft, pilots, and program resources leveraging the lessons learned of decades of crewed aviation practices. AlarisPro's fleet management products including flight logs, maintenance logs, pilot data, UAS data, predictive maintenance recommendations, and component-level reliability data are unmatched in the industry. Our background in manned and unmanned aircraft airworthiness coupled with our systems-of-systems approach to analyzing Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) reliability has directly improved the safety and reliability of UAS systems and operations.

Alva Industries

Alva Industries is a leading developer and supplier of next-generation propulsion systems for high-end UAVs

American Aerospace Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 2002, AATI is a leader in intelligent airborne sensing and surveillance services for energy and other critical infrastructure. We deliver services with conventional aircraft, drones and medium altitude, long endurance unmanned aircraft. AATI has been flying long endurance UAS Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) in the national airspace system since 2010.

Anemoment LLC

Anemoment LLC is a specialized meteorological instrument design firm located in Longmont, CO. Anemoment brings you the world’s smallest and lightest 3-dimensional ultrasonic anemometer, the TriSonica Mini Wind and Weather Sensor, and the TriSonica Sphere Wind Flux Sensor, the industry’s smallest and lightest 3D sensor engineered from inception to deliver more precise vertical wind measurements. With its patented wave signal noise reduction technology, the TriSonica Mini Wind and Weather Sensor truly gives users the power to “Know the Wind.” The TriSonica Sphere ideal for UAS-based atmospheric flux and turbulence research, including eddy covariance studies.


Software Controlled Aerial Robots (Drones) with Precision Flight That Autonomously Paint/Coat, Clean/Surface Prep and, Measure Paint Thickness.

Archer OpTx, Inc.

Archer OpTx is the world leader in the manufacturing of ultra-precision molded glass optics. We have a large number of standard aspheric laser collimation lenses for range-finding or targeting. In addition to ultra-precision molded glass aspherics, we offer CNC grind & polish or single point diamond turning (SPDT) to produce optics working in VIS, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, or LWIR. We have optical engineers and opto-mechanical engineers for design services. Archer OpTx also offers nanometer accuracy metrology services in 2D or 3D.

AUVSI Trusted Operator Program™ (TOP)

Since the implementation of Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations in the United States, and similar regulatory frameworks around the world, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) have been rapidly transforming fundamental concepts for providing airborne services. The AUVSI Trusted Operator Program™ (TOP) fills the gap between these minimally prescriptive operating regulations and a higher level of demonstrated knowledge, flight proficiency, safety and risk management practices that is expected to be valued by employers and customers of commercial UAS operators. Earn your AUVSI TOP Certification and set your career apart from others in the remote pilot industry.

AUVSI-Association for Uncrewed Vechicle Systems In

The Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), the world's premier nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of uncrewed systems and robotics, represents corporations and professionals from more than 60 countries involved in industry, government and academia. AUVSI members work in the defense, civil and commercial markets. AUVSI members gain access to the world's largest uncrewed systems community. From targeted networking events to exclusive insights and resources, our experts can help you navigate the ever-evolving world of uncrewed systems. AUVSI membership is open to all types of uncrewed systems and autonomy companies and professionals serving the industry.

Avaans Media PR

The bespoke premier public relations company for emerging industries. We work with change makers to tell stories about innovation from startup to IPO. Our team sets itself apart with their executive-level experience, nimble storytelling, and effective placements that create lasting impact.

Axiom Electronics, LLC

Axiom Electronics assembles and tests complex circuit boards and complete systems for mission critical products, supporting our customers’ needs for prototype, pilot run and production builds. We can work from your designs using mature or newly-introduced technologies, and we can build to virtually any standards and specifications you choose. From Earth to Mars, our manufacturing expertise is helping our customers deploy mission critical products.

Azure Trails

Azure Trails is an affordable drone services provider, based in Utah County, Utah. We cover the greater Salt Lake City region with drone and software services that include aerial photography and video, real estate, emergency response, construction, agriculture, precision 3D mapping, search and rescue, and surveying.

Baldwin Safety & Compliance

Founded in 2004, Baldwin is a global company founded to support the implementation and continuous support of safety management systems (SMS), quality management (QMS), document management, and related safety solutions. Baldwin's highly experienced and certificated safety professionals provide UAS, sUAS, UAM 24/7 support to a wide range of clients in Agriculture, Delivery, Insurance, Oil & Gas, Utilities, the DoD, and more.

Best Autonomous Insights

Best Autonomous Insights takes a comprehensive approach to autonomous systems development and integration, addressing technical, regulatory, and social challenges. Our team has proven experience transitioning autonomous technologies from prototypes to fielded capabilities in air, ground, and maritime domains. We also have extensive knowledge of infrastructure requirements, including connectivity and facilities (vertiports); data management; and public perception. We help clients navigate evolving regulations at every level. We continuously monitor state-of the-art technology, use cases, operational trends, and legislation, to help clients grow and thrive in an increasingly competitive field.

Blue Skies Drones

services, training and more. We own and maintain our own large and diverse rental fleet of the latest UAV platform and sensor technology. We have many options from fixed wing to multi-rotor platforms and sensors from high end optical to thermal/IR, multispectral and even LIDAR. Equipment is available to ship to any US location or via local pickup from one of our various partners. No matter the industry we’ve got you covered – precision agriculture, professional cinematography, building inspection, land survey, energy, utility & power, public service, fire/security and more.

Boomerang Carnets

We grow businesses. We are specialists in all aspects of ATA Carnets, the internationally accepted customs document (aka the Merchandise Passport) for temporary exports. ATA Carnet use allows prototypes, demo equipment, measuring devices, samples, trade show exhibits, and gear to clear Customs import-duty and -tax free. Unmanned systems, UAVs, UAS, robotics, universities, defense, small- and mid-size companies, and entrepreneurs benefit. This unique international trade tool assists expansion into new markets thereby growing businesses. We issue ATA Carnets in the US and the UK for temporary export/import into 87+ Carnet countries and territories. Our ATA Carnet Specialists provide in-depth knowledge on all aspects of carnet usage.


Founded in 2015 by a couple of military UAS operators, Botlink creates drone software products that make it easier for more people to utilize drones as part of their toolbox. Botlink recently released the XRD2 which simply connects to existing autopilots via a serial cable. The autopilot views the XRD2 hardware as just another radio. Onboard video processing of H264 and H265 codecs allows for video resolution and FPS changes on the fly, reducing data consumption. Included FPV camera works out of the box with XRD2. Designed, tested, and assembled here in Fargo, ND. Our Fargo-based service team answers the phone, and our engineers can quickly diagnosis any connectivity issues. The XRD has been trusted by organizations around the world.


Established in Connecticut, U.S. in 1881, Capewell provides premium, customer-engineered solutions and products that increase survivability and mission success for those operating globally in dangerous environments. As a leader in Aerial Delivery and Combat Water Survivability capabilities, Capewell expertly engineers solutions to fit the customer, the environment, and the mission through innovation, user collaboration, decades of experience, a dedicated team of professionals, and through speed of action.

Carlson Software

Carlson Software, founded in 1983 in Maysville, KY provides software and hardware solutions to the land surveying, civil engineering, mining, construction, and waste management industries. Our flexible and powerful drone photogrammetry solution, Carlson PhotoCapture, provides online or standalone image processing that creates point clouds, orthoimages, surface models, and more from your drone photos. Our other software, including Carlson Point Cloud, can take your images even further with powerful tools such as bare earth and feature extraction, creating useful CAD linework and more.

Carolina Unmanned Vehicles Inc.

Carolina Unmanned Vehicles (CUV) is a small woman-owned company focused on small mobile tethered blimp, the Lightweight Aerostat System (LAS) with payloads up to 30 kg. Larger payloads can be accommodated. LAS can carry EO/IR payloads for very long term surveillance of camps and other facilities and is adaptable to COMINT / SIGINT payloads and communications relays. Customers include the Army, USAF, Lockheed and Sandia Lab. Our Small Tactical Multi-Payload Aerostat System (STMPAS) was deployed to Afghanistan to provide EO/IR surveillance for small tactical units. Non-military applications include law enforcement, border security and research. CUV is also involved with the Excipio and Spitfire kinetic counter-UAS systems.

Censys Technologies

Censys Technologies Corporation builds remote sensing solutions for UAS service providers, enterprise organizations and government entities. This includes the Sentaero family of products – which is the UAV performance and value leader in the fields of environmental services, infrastructure monitoring, disaster relief and public safety. Censys Technologies’ priority is centered on understanding customer needs and delivering technology and products that will perform and grow their business – bringing intelligence to business from beyond the horizon.


Commaris, a brand of Terrafugia, Inc., delivers uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) for commercial operations in power, gas, oil, mapping, agriculture, security, and more. Its flagship UAV, the SEEKER, provides industry-leading flight times with ultra-low noise output, fast and precise vertical takeoff and landing, and dual-GPS systems with automated route planning. The SEEKER’s extensive payload-carrying capability is customizable with a variety of modular options, such as a 30x optical zoom EO/IR camera for inspection, a 120-megapixel high-resolution camera for terrain mapping and 3D modeling. Terrafugia and Commaris are members of the Geely Technology Group. For more information on Commaris, please visit

Commercial Drone Group

Providing Exterior Aerial Mapping and Imaging, Interior Aerial Imaging, Inspections and Marketing Media for those in the Commercial Real Estate Industry.

CopterPix, Ltd.

CopterPix develop & manufacture autonomous multi-rotor solutions & is the sole vendor of drones up to 25Kg MTOW to the IDF. Our advanced CPX open-source solutions enables us to fly AT LEAST 30% longer and carry AT LEAST 40% more payload than ANY commercial platform & easily integrate 3rd-party hardware/software. CopterPix offer multi-rotor drones from 250gr to 25kg MTOW: ERE-95 Mini-series Quad-rotor drones for long-range inspection missions (100 minutes flight time) ERE-95 series Hexa-rotor fully redundant multi-purpose drones w/payloads up to 20kg. ERE-95 Hybrid drones enables 7.5hours flight time. APS300 Autonomous patrolling system using micro-drones w/small mobile docking nest to provide 24/7 patrolling for sites up to 5km perimeter


Manufacturer of medium sized robots with cyber-physical systems and other systems and applications. AI robotics consulting also available.

D-Fend Solutions Inc.

D-Fend Solutions is the leading counter-drone takeover technology provider, enabling full control, safety & continuity during rogue drone incidents across complex & sensitive environments. With hundreds of deployments worldwide, EnforceAir, the company’s flagship offering, focuses on the most dangerous drone threats in military, public safety, airport, prison, major event & critical infrastructure environments. Our technology has been chosen as best-in-class & is in deployment at high-tier U.S. government agencies & major international airports globally. EnforceAir autonomously executes RF, cyber-takeovers of rogue drones for a safe landing and outcome, ensuring the smooth flow of communications, commerce, transportation & everyday life.

DIS-Delta Digital Video

Delta Digital Video emerged from a legacy of government consulting to become designers & manufacturers of innovative, world-class solutions for video compression & scan conversion products for the Military, Homeland Security, Distance Learning, & Broadcast markets. We are committed to delivering the latest technology in low SWaP-C, MIL-qualified packages. Our mission is to continuously improve the delivery of high-quality, low latency, FMV to the warfighter DDV’s expertise comes from its years of supporting US gov & industry efforts to develop standards for compressing, converting, streaming, & exploiting video in the applications it serves. Other Delta Information Systems companies include Acroamatics, Ampex , GDP, & Wideband Systems.

Drone Industries, Ltd.

Software for sharing large orthomosaic images online.

DroneDek Corporation

DroneDek patented smart receptacle technology brings peace of mind to the last inch of the last mile for businesses and consumers expecting traditional or autonomous pickups/deliveries. All the value gained through fast, green, cost-effective delivery strategies can evaporate when your package is compromised. Weather, animals, package thieves, and more can befall your packages unless they’ve been safely deposited for you in your next-gen mailbox. It accepts all types of deliveries and pickups including food, parcels, medical, and traditional mail while utilizing a platform-agnostic approach that consolidates and funnels deliveries from all types of carriers, couriers, and logistics services to set pickup/delivery (GPS-verified) locations.

DroneLogix, LLC

DroneLogix provides FAA-approved, safe, affordable, fully-insured, unmanned aerial flight operations and image/data acquisition services to the commercial construction, utility, insurance and real estate markets, along with drone consulting services and training. As a leading provider in Texas, our primary market areas are Dallas, Ft Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Corpus Christi. We actively serve many respected GCs, CMs, and Owners such as Rogers-O'Brien, FCL Builders, Raymond Construction, The Conlan Company, USAA, SunTrust, Amazon, and others. We are deeply experienced with over 3900 verifiable, logged project flights and know how to operate safely in complex, dynamic environments. Call us at 1-833-DRONES1 (833-376-6371)

Dynamic Systems, LLC

Aerial Imagery for organizations wishing to enhance their online presence, provide construction progress videos and offer 2D/3D property mapping. Showcase your business property, from above, to the community you serve, in all your online associations (website, FaceBook, LinkedIn, email, etc.). Construction companies illustrate project progress to new and existing customers. Golf courses and construction sites benefit from 2D/3D maps of their properties.


Since 1997 ERGIS has applied innovative and comprehensive solutions to complex environmental and geospatial projects, including commercial drone services.

Fidelis Aerial Imaging

Fidelis Aerial Imaging provides Drone Imaging Services designed to help you better allocate your resources, improve your productivity, and increase your profitability. Fidelis delivers real-world data that is timely, accurate, and accessible - the information you need to make informed decisions. You can expect faster project data collection; more accurate measurements; better reporting and collaboration; greater ROI and customer satisfaction; custom data integration; and improved safety on your job sites. Antiquated processes requiring multiple job site visits have proven to be cumbersome, time-consuming, high-risk, and expensive. Let us show you a better way. Call today to schedule your no-risk demonstration. (574) 850-4628

Flying Turtle Drone Videography

Aerial photography and videography for homeowners, businesses, communities, and events. From a perspective you've never seen! Contact for more info or a quote.

We provide high quality geocorrected UAV data to the AEC industry across the United States. Our clients include engineers, surveyors, general contractors, road builders, and utility companies. We specialize in mapping (both lidar and photogrammetry) as well as thermal analysis. We carry industry leading insurance and have seasoned UAV operators. We'd love to hear more about your project today. Get in touch at

Frontier Precision

The Best Flight Plans Start Here Frontier Precision has the latest innovations in drone aircraft and sensors to fit your job or application. We offer industry-leading products and software from Autel, DJI, Delair, Inspired Flight, Freefly, Quantum-Systems, YellowScan, Green Valley International, MicaSense, FLIR, Pix4D, and many others. Our UAS applications include geospatial surveying & mapping, agriculture, construction, energy, forestry, infrastructure, mining, mosquito and vector control, oil and gas, and public safety. Whether you are interested in operating drones, or sub-contracting a service provider, Frontier can help you incorporate this exciting technology into your workflow to collect high-precision aerial data.

Future Delivery

We want to solve the problem that every drone type has its limitations - be it range, payload, or battery capacity. The market is seeking a way to overcome these limitations in order to enable drone use to reach its full potential. With our patented technology, different types of drones can be safely and securely coupled and decoupled mid-flight to open up new opportunities and markets for drones which are currently out of reach. For example, a single logistics hub outside a city could service the entire region, and bidirectional medical care in isolated areas could become a reality. This is a breakthrough, which will enable new applications for drones to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and make a greener future possible.

GCG Consulting Resources Group

Providing technical, cost, schedule and management support to customers. Over 35+ years working in the aerospace and defense industries. Have interfaced with government customers at all levels- federal, state and local. Extensive experience working with USAF, USN, Army and numerous international customers. Supported program efforts from proposal stage, design development, production to product support. Also have worked commercial opportunities. Able to travel as well.

Ground Control

Ground Control was launched when three leading brands united to create a best-of-breed technology and service provider in satellite and IoT. We provide customers with a remote critical communications solution, through a comprehensive range of satellite and cellular connectivity options whether in flight, on land or at sea. While we manufacture our own modems, transceivers and antennas, we also work with other leading OEMs to ensure that we can pair our customers with precisely the right product for their needs. We work with multiple different satellite airtime providers, including Iridium, Inmarsat, Eutelsat, Intelsat and Globalstar, and many more in the cellular space.

HC Aerial Adjusting & Drone Inspections, LLC

Specializing in close-up Aerial Photography, Photogrammetry, Videography, Orthomosaics, Etc.

Heath Consultants Incorporated

Since 1933, Heath has been a field service provider, manufacturer, and distributor of advanced leak detection products specifically designed for the identification and quantification of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), including the Intrinsically Safe RMLD-Complete Solution (RMLD-CS) and the next generation of Hi Flow Samplers. Our products and services are designed to meet the midstream, upstream, and downstream markets. Services include walking, mobile and aerial leak surveys, gas leak pinpointing, odor complaint response, greenhouse gas emissions programs, underground utility mark-outs/locating, corrosion control and more.

Homeland Environmental Solutions

UNMANNED SPRAYING PIONEERS We harness the benefits of this tech in many ways! Roof spraying Greenhouse cleaning & shading Weed/vegetation management Reforesting/seeding Mapping/Crop health/NDVI We know that you're competing on a bigger scale than ever before, your labor & production costs are probably the highest you’ve seen, finding good help is harder, but your consumer expectations keep rising. But even with all of that you’ve got things you want to achieve, a legacy to leave, and maybe even shareholders to please. And if you’re reading this– we assert that you ain’t quittin’ anytime soon TRANSFORMING AG On-Staff Agronomists & Crop-Protection Pros Easy Tailored-fit Service Menu Staff/equipment/insurance & Expertise SAVES TIME & MONEY

HSE-UAV Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC

Contact us to learn how industrial-grade, unmanned aircraft & ground systems can help keep our homeland safe as well as facilitate agricultural innovation, surveying & commercial operations. Act now to take advantage of our spraying & seeding services! FULL SUPPORT FOR YOU As one of America’s oldest industrial drone companies, we've learned a thing or two about drones. We have the people who care, the connections that matter and the technology that delivers. Spraying Drones, Heavy-Lift Drones, VTOL- we have them all. As a Veteran and Family Owned company, we take great pride in our team. Our people are committed to your success and can’t wait to tell you about the latest & greatest! WORLD-CLASS SERVICE | EXPERT GUIDANCE | 100% U.S. BASED

ICS, Inc. (Industrial Contract Services)

ICS, Inc. (Industrial Contract Services) is a full-service general construction management firm. Powered by APi Group, we have the ability to self-perform all scopes of work. APi Group is a multi-billion-dollar parent company to over 45 independently managed construction companies, located in more than 200 locations worldwide. We combine the personal attention of small-to-medium sized construction companies with the strength of an industry leader to bring innovation to the construction industry.

Ideal Aerosmith

Ideal Aerosmith specializes in modeling and simulation as well as mission planning. We use our expertise in modeling and simulation to provide precise mission planning, replanning, and execution monitoring. We provide platform agnostic solutions to incorporate various data inputs from multiple sources to provide an accurate prediction of mission outcomes.

Iler Aerial Imaging

IAI has over 35 years of remote piloting experience. With our fleet of drones, we have the right one for your project. We've provided aerial data acquisition in 6 countries, so we can help you with your project wherever it may be. Our clients include Amazon, Fogg, Green Circle Growers, and many more! Contact us today so we can help you.

Innovation Law Office

With more than 20 years of service to clients ranging from startups to Fortune100 companies, and more than 15 prior years experience in aviation and engineering, we use that experience to best apply the law and legal services to advance your business strategies. Practice areas include Fractional Chief Patent Counsel Services, Intellectual Property Portfolio Strategy and Development, Licensing, Risk Mitigation Counseling and Opinions, and Enforcement and Infringement Defense.

Innovative Imaging & Research (I2R)

Innovative Imaging and Research (I2R) provides specialized EO systems engineering payload assessments, camera calibrations in full optics lab, custom image processing algorithms and high speed computing solutions to achieve the highest quality image products. I2R provides custom UAV products and services to scientists, environmentalists, engineers, educators and first responders who require accurate ultra-high res imagery. I2R UAV products and services include: • Image products from fixed wing and multirotor UAVs using calibrated cameras • Top tier national trainer for UAV fleet operations • Custom UAV hardware solutions including onboard processing • New products and information streams from imagery acquired from UAVs


Manned and Unmanned (UAS) aviation management and operations consulting services (including government-civilian contract and partnership agreement negotiations). Worldwide airport operations management and services provider.

InterMet Systems

InterMet is one of the world’s leading suppliers of radiosondes and atmospheric sensors. Our products are used in over 50 countries to monitor the earth’s climate and provide a better understanding of the forces affecting the atmosphere. Our UAV sensors are leading the way in using the latest drone technologies to study the atmospheric and marine boundary layers, hurricanes, and other convective storms. InterMet’s new iMet-X4 expands our reach into gas and pollution measurements.

Iridium Communications Inc.

Iridium® is the only mobile voice and data satellite communications network that spans the entire globe. Iridium enables connections between people, organizations and assets to and from anywhere, in real time. Together with its ecosystem of partner companies, Iridium delivers an innovative and rich portfolio of reliable solutions for markets that require truly global communications. In 2019, the company completed a generational upgrade of its satellite network and launched its new broadband service, Iridium Certus®. Iridium Communications Inc. is headquartered in McLean, Va., U.S.A., and its common stock trades on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the ticker symbol IRDM. For more information about Iridium, visit

ISight Drone Services

ISight is a professional group of hard-working pilots striving to deliver the highest quality aerial data to exceed customer expectations. The 26 pilots (and growing) of ISight have flown and collected data in 44 states and 8 countries, with critical energy infrastructure inspections as one of our core competencies. Our team has inspected over 53,000 wind towers, over 2 Gigawatts of solar panels, over 200,000 acres of agricultural land, and over 400 miles of transmission line, and more. ISight has 4 locations: Grand Forks, ND, Fargo, ND, Watford City, ND and Minneapolis, MN. With dozens of multi-rotor and fixed-wing aircraft outfitted with RGB, IR, Zoom and LiDAR sensors, we gather aerial data with confidence. Have drones, will travel.

James Wyble Drone Pilot

Drone photo and video, real astate photography

Job Service of North Dakota

Job Service North Dakota provides workforce and unemployment services across the state of North Dakota in our nine Workforce Centers and at our Central location in Bismarck. We offer a variety of employment and training services for both job seekers and employers. Grand Forks Job Service works to recruit workforce for North Dakota's UAS industry. Along with brokering job seeker resumes and business job openings, we publish and distribute a monthly UAS Featured Jobs Report,

Jugapro India Private Limited

Jugapro offer a Multilayered, drone detect and defeact solution which is a unique combination of Soft and Hard Kill options. Built around the fabled DroneHunter solution, we offer customised suite to meet your local requirements and offer an impregnable dome of 1.5 kms in Radius. With industry's leading performance, the solution is both scalable and affordable in the long term.


KENDRONE was the 1st KCAA approved drone organization in Kenya. We offer training and commercial services including inspection, mapping and security. Additionally we offer ROC support for film crew wishing to use drones in Kenya. Our specialty in the videography sector is FPV and wildlife filming services. Our clients in this sector include NatGeo & BBC. As the Kenya drone sector pioneers we continue to adapt and develop. KENDRONE | Above & Beyond.

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:KTOS) develops and fields transformative, affordable technology, platforms and systems for United States National Security related customers, allies and commercial enterprises. Kratos is changing the way breakthrough technology for these industries is rapidly brought to market through proven commercial and venture capital backed approaches, including proactive research and streamlined development processes. Kratos specializes in unmanned systems, satellite communications, cyber security/warfare, microwave electronics, missile defense, hypersonic systems, training, combat systems and next generation turbo jet and turbo fan engine development. For more information go to

La Droneman Drone Services

We are a commercial Aerial Photography and Videography service provider. We can also perform 360 degree and other Still Photography as needed.

Leonardo DRS-Sensors

Models Include: Hexablu: Unprecedented Pixel Size. Unparalleled HD Performance. The 6 µm pitch 1280 x 960 focal plane array is the first of its kind. This new pixel design enables HexaBlu’s miniature form factor, weighing in at under 320 grams and displacing just 80 cm3. It is ideal for a variety of applications requiring fully corrected, long-range imaging performance in a low-profile payload. Tenum 640: This revolutionary detector design enables greater affordability while delivering an uncompromised thermal imaging performance. The high-resolution 640 x 512 array size offers superior long-wave infrared (LWIR) detection at 60 fps and the incredible sensitivity is ideal for a variety of OEM applications.

LeTourneau University

The future of aviation is built here. With a sixty-year legacy of providing exceptional flight and maintenance training, LeTourneau University is equipped to train excellent aviation professionals to meet the needs of the high-growth UAS industry. Our engineering and computer science legacy also position UAS students for success in this program, a combination which is truly unique in Christian higher education. Graduates receive training towards the FAA Remote Pilot certificate and the Unmanned Safety International Advanced Safety Certificate. Student projects include the use of Ardupilot in rover, VTOL, and fixed-wing vehicles.

LKD Aerospace

LKD Aerospace distributes Honeywell's world-class, industry-standard HG1125, HG1126, HG1930, HG1900, HG1700, HG5700 and HG9900 IMUs. LKD simplifies the selection, sale, supply and support of these IMUs for UAV stabilization, motion control, navigation and other precision applications globally, including export management. LKD Aerospace is headquartered near Seattle, Washington and has provided stocking distribution and services to leading defense and aerospace OEMs for over 39 years. LKD is AS9100D certified and CMMC compliant. Contact one of our product experts to learn which of the wide range of Honeywell IMUs is best for your mission.

Loki Research, LLC

Loki Research manufactures high quality rocket motor hardware and solid propellant and provides supplies for motor diameters between 38mm and 152mm. Since selling our first hobby rocket motors in 2004, Loki Research has earned a solid reputation for providing its customers products of excellent reliability, quality, performance and value. You will not find a comparable product with higher reliability and quality in a hobby high power rocket motor than with Loki Research products. Ask around and look at the success of the many large and small projects we have been a part of over the years and you will see for yourself. Loki Research makes the most reliable rocket motors you can buy, period.

Loudoun County Economic Development-Ashburn, VA

Hover No More: Drone Innovators Rise to New Heights in Loudoun County The world is changing rapidly, with business, government, and individual customers craving the option of touch-free, automated interaction. This creates opportunities for drone businesses that were unimaginable pre- and post-pandemic and has accelerated the industry’s growth. As a UAS/UAV leader, you understand that unmanned success relies heavily on innovation, location, and a winning team. All three coordinates intersect in Loudoun County, Va., giving your unmanned business the lift that it needs. We call this #LoudounPossible success.


Create high-definition 3D maps, collect accurate drone imagery measurements & convert drone data into valuable information - so you can make smarter decisions that drive success. Stop waiting and start mapping with Mapware. Start your free trial at:

MightyFly Inc.

MightyFly specializes in expedited cargo deliveries services for businesses, governments and consumers across all industry sectors. MightyFly is shaping the future of logistics through autonomous freight delivery aircrafts that are fast, cheap, safe and carbon neutral. The company’s patent-pending, autonomous, hybrid propulsion drone has a cargo capacity of 100 pounds, range of 600 miles and speed of 150 mph to provide rapid and efficient transport of goods. Our freight-first design optimizes for speed and automation yielding increased efficiency, greater throughput, and higher margins for our customers.

Nanomotion Inc.

Nanomotion’s Velox EOIR Sensing Payload optimizes SWaP with unprecedented terrain dominance with a unique panoramic capability of capturing 5 full FOV’s per second. A user configurable matrix provides capabilities for tethered and untethered vehicles to image a wide area within

Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation

NASC, creator of the Teros, the TRACER and the TigerShark-XP UAVs, has provided innovative technological solutions to the Department of Defense, federal research institutions, and the commercial sector since 1977. NASC is proud to offer the products, training, and support vital to our military and civilian customers. Our expertise in the design, development, and deployment of unmanned systems has been tested across the globe. We offer UAS flight and technology services, flight training, and flight software as well as UAS ground control stations and UAS mission support equipment. NASC also engineers solutions in Anti-Submarine Warfare, Advanced Acoustics Sensor Development, Persistent Surveillance Systems, and Combat Systems Development.

NCDOT Aviation UAS

The N.C. Department of Transportation and its partners in business, government, education and research are pushing the boundaries of unmanned aviation technologies to integrate beneficial drone use across North Carolina. Although the FAA has exclusive authority over the use of airspace in the United States – including the airspace used by drones – NCDOT has the authority to implement and manage regulations pertaining to state laws concerning drone operations within the state.


Ultimate Drone Innovations and One-Stop Shop

Northwest Kansas Technical College

The mission of Northwest Kansas Technical College, as an institution of higher learning, is to prepare individuals for gainful employment in technical and professional careers, productive personal lives, and lifelong learning. Instruction in FAA Ground Schools - From FAA Part 107 (small unmanned) through Airline Transport. NWKTC - Aviation Technology will guide you in the implementation of using your FAA Certificate within your industry.

Oculus Deus, LLC

Oculus Deus, LLC, provides strategic, technologic and operational guidance to government agencies, industries, public safety and first responder organizations incorporating remote and unmanned sensor and data collection systems into their workflow and operations. Oculus Deus is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

Ofil Ltd.

Ofil manufactures UV optical sensors and multi-sensors gimbaled payloads for helicopters, UAS and handheld inspections. Ofil’s legacy products are classified as Non-Destructive-Testing (NDT) equipment for monitoring the condition of overhead power lines. Ofil systems are used for predictive & condition based electrical grid elements’ maintenance. Electrical utilities, high voltage laboratories, FABS, owners & operators of private substations, manufacturing industries, mines, rotating machine workshops, refineries, and electrified transportation use Ofil’s cameras. Ofil offers Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and customized tailor-made products with incorporated proprietary DayCor® technology. Global market, lcoations: USA Europe & China

Ohio UAS Center

The Future of Smart Mobility


OneSky is a global UTM company developing airspace assessment, operations, and traffic management solutions for the aviation industry. Our goal is to harmonize the sky - ensuring safe, efficient, and scalable access to all airspace users. We take a robust and long-term approach to UTM, envisioning the challenges ahead as traffic management is unified for all operators. By working with all stakeholders - drone operators, drone manufacturers, and airspace authorities - we understand the unique challenges of this ecosystem and serve the critical needs of the community.

Parallax Advanced Research

Parallax is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that tackles global challenges by accelerating innovation and developing technology and solutions through strategic partnerships with government, industry, and academia across Ohio and the Nation. Together with academia, Parallax accelerates innovation that leads to breakthroughs. Together with the government, Parallax tackles critical global challenges and delivers new solutions. Together with the industry, Parallax develops groundbreaking ideas and speeds them to market.

Parker Hannifin

Parker is the global leader in motion and control technologies. We design and manufacture the MicroStrain inertial sensors that drive innovation across a wide range of applications including mobile robotics and precision agriculture. We offer inertial measurement units (IMUs), vertical reference units (VRUs), attitude and heading reference systems (AHRS), and complete inertial navigation systems (GNSS/INS). With an unmatched dedication to innovation, we're committed to providing solutions that make lives easier today while preparing for tomorrow's challenges.


Percepto is the leading autonomous inspection and monitoring solution provider, revolutionizing how industrial sites monitor and inspect their critical infrastructure and assets. Listed in TIME magazine’s 100 Best Inventions of 2021, Percepto’s AIM platform fully automates visual data workflows from capture to insight, leveraging the Percepto Air drone-in-a-box portfolio, alongside other robots and visual sensors. Percepto’s solutions are trusted by Fortune 500 customers on six continents including Florida Power and Light, Koch Industries, and Verizon. For more information, visit

Phase One

Phase One A/S, researches, develops and manufactures medium and large format digital photography systems, software and imaging solutions for industrial markets. Solutions range from aerial image acquisition to machine vision applications and cultural heritage preservation. Whether mapping the globe, executing industrial inspections or preserving priceless works of art and documents, the focus is on imaging accuracy. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Phase One is dedicated to delivering exceptional image quality, productivity and user experience. With offices in Denver, Copenhagen, Cologne, Tel Aviv, Beijing and Tokyo and with its expert teams of global partners, Phase One Geospatial serves and supports its customers worldwide.

Phase One United States Inc.-Security & Space

High resolution large format camera solutions. Cutting-edge imaging technology designed and built for the demanding needs of high-quality intelligence gathering. iXM-GS120 (120MP) offers a wide area high resolution camera with high sensitivity, low noise, minimal integration time, and user-defined regions of interest (ROI) for diverse security (UAS or Manned platforms) and space applications.


Pointivo’s analytics platform is built by a world-class team of AI and computer vision software experts pioneering AI-driven 3D image analytics technologies for automated drone inspection services. We give companies a deeper understanding of their assets to drive revenue, operational efficiencies and cost reductions. Combining machine learning, computer vision, and advanced analytics, our customers are innovators relying on our platform and applications to deliver insights to enhance business processes for damage detection, equipment inventory, budgeting and risk mitigation.

Pratt & Whitney

A world leader in the design, manufacture, and service of aircraft engines and auxiliary power units

RAMPF Composite Solutions Inc.

RAMPF Composite Solutions is part of the RAMPF group of companies, and provides design engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing services for interior, exterior, structural or non-structural, thermoset carbon composite parts. We are located in a new 74,000 SQF facility in Burlington, Ontario. Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding production methods allow us to offer customers low cost capital investment options. Our design expertise and use of Tailored Fiber Placement machines allow us to produce composite parts with the highest possible strength-to-weight ratios, enabling greater payloads and longer flights.

Raytheon ELCAN

Optical sub-systems for airborne platforms have demanding tolerances. These assemblies must be able to survive and perform within performance specifications after experiencing large temperature and pressure swings, particle bombardment, intense vibration and shock. Raytheon ELCAN helps customers solve these complex challenges.

Sagetech Avionics

Sagetech is empowering safe flight with the world’s most reliable UAV transponders. Experience serving military and civil duty on most small to medium UAVs, Sagetech solutions are mission-proven and offer decades of program experience, certifications, and millions of flight hours to deliver maximum value over the life of an uncrewed platform. Today, Sagetech is expanding its technology platform to create comprehensive situational awareness systems, such as detect and avoid solutions for uncrewed aircraft as well as collision avoidance for crewed and optionally crewed rotorcraft. Sagetech works in concert with its extensive ecosystem of OEM customers, technology partners, and resellers to ensure aircraft fly safer with Sagetech on board.

SEKISUI Aerospace

For 33+ years SEKISUI Aerospace has pioneered aircraft component design, engineering, and manufacturing. Our product focus encompasses Interiors, Engines, Structures, UAVs, Ducting, Thermoplastics and conversions. Service offerings span design and engineering, testing, analysis, prototyping, and intelligent production of advanced thermoset and thermoplastic products including certified, ultra-lightweight structural components and high-volume complex innovative systems. Our advanced processes and intelligent technologies integrate automation, continuous compression molding (CCM), QForge®, and Automated Press Cell stamp forming. Consistent delivery of high-quality products elevates our reputation as a manufacturer.


For 20+ years, Septentrio designs, manufactures, and sells highly accurate (cm-level) secured GPS/GNSS receivers (modules, OEM boards, boxed) for demanding applications such as UAV accurate mapping, drone delivery, UAV inspection, ag robotics, security, autonomous systems among many other applications. At Septentrio, we design our GNSS solutions which provide positioning and orientation with a focus on reliability and availability in addition to accuracy and ease of use. All receivers come with industry-leading anti-jam and anti-spoofing algorithms.

Silvertone UAV

Silvertone designs and manufactures fixed-wing and multi-rotor platforms. Runway or VTOL take-off & landing. Tailored solutions for surveillance, photogrammetry, LiDAR, communications, survey, etc. Integration of payload packages onto our platform or yours.

Silvus Technologies

As the world’s leading developer of advanced MIMO communication systems, Silvus Technologies is reshaping broadband wireless connectivity for mission-critical applications on the ground, in the air, and on the sea. The Silvus family of StreamCaster MANET radios deliver high-fidelity video, voice and data communications in congested and contested environments with unmatched range, throughput, and mobility. With a focus on continually improving size, weight, power, and cost, Silvus is delivering the next generation of tactical communications capabilities to meet the needs of defense, government, and commercial customers.

Skycharge GmbH

Autonomous charging solutions for commercial drones. Safe, powerful, lightweight, and cross-platform. Keeping your fleet operational 24/7.


SkyOp, LLC is a Drone Training and Education Company. We have delivered small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) training programs since 2014. We offer the most advanced, end-to-end drone training and consulting programs available to schools, colleges, and commercial businesses across the US. Our Corporate Enterprise Drone Consulting provides comprehensive guidance for corporations seeking to deploy or scale Unmanned Aircraft Systems technology. Our combination of consulting and our nationally recognized drone training classes to help our clients identify and implement the competitive advantages drones provide. Many colleges, STEM high schools, and corporations license SkyOp courseware and receive our Train-the-Instructor program.


Skyports Drone Services is committed to creating positive change by connecting people, businesses and communities to vital supplies and services, such as healthcare, maritime, logistics and e-commerce. The company functions as a 'drone airline', providing best-in-class drone operations for a whole host of use cases. Skyports Drone Services owns a mixed fleet of drone aircraft to ensure the right drone is always used for the job.


SKYTRAC is a leading provider of broadband and midband satellite communications connectivity for UAS OEMs and operators worldwide. SKYTRAC's partnership with Iridium enables OEMs and operators to leverage globally available, lightweight satellite communication systems for low latency, high throughput connectivity. SKYTRAC's Satcom system provides Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) communications, real-time Command and Control (C2), video streaming, data transmission, AI and sensor fusion for C4ISR, real-time flight data monitoring, and other limitless applications in a daringly small form factor. SKYTRAC's DLS-100 Satcom terminal provides up to 88 Kbps of data throughput, while SKYTRAC's IMS-350 is capable of up to 704 Kbps.

SKYTRAC Systems, Ltd.

SKYTRAC is aviation’s full-service, data-driven solutions provider serving the fixed-wing, rotorcraft, and unmanned aviation markets. Since 1986, SKYTRAC has pioneered the development, evolution and commercialization of flight following, flight data and communications technology. Today, with systems certified on over 900 airframes and an online data management portal that is the go-to tool for over 7,500 global users, SKYTRAC is truly the partner of choice for data-guided business insights. From performance trending and operations reporting to real-time asset tracking and situational awareness – SKYTRAC offers a one-stop response to meeting more of your company’s needs. For more information, visit

Spicer Group, Inc.

Spicer Group, Inc. provides professional engineering, land surveying, community planning and architectural services. These four core areas of expertise include several associated subservices, and we encourage you to explore our projects to see just how dynamic our capabilities are. From on-demand solutions to long-term planning, our deliverables are Stronger, Safer and Smarter. Count on us to give you tailored solutions that fit your specific needs. We are experts in a variety of geospatial services, including LiDAR and photogrammetry. Our projects take us all over the country.

Sunset Beach Films

Drone video, photography and production company serving Eastern Long Island. 3D Virtual Tours & Floor Plans/Professional Copywriting/Parties & Events/Live Streaming, Learn more at

Super Pro Aerial

Manufacturer of heavy-lift multi-rotor sUAS for academic, industrial, and scientific applications.

Tactical Drone Academy

CRI’s Tactical Drone Academy has created one-of-a-kind Tactical Drone Courses and classes. These courses open up a new industry vertical in the fields of public safety, homeland/national security, police & military, in support of our national safety and readiness. Contact us and find out what the most suitable Tactical Drone Training Course is for your agency or department.

The SkyButler

Drone/UAV Services: Aerial photography and video services for inspections, cinema, development status and analysis of ground-based projects. Drone flight instruction for individuals and organizations.

Tioga Area Economic Development Corp.

Tioga, ND Area EDC is dedicated to 21st Century technology education programs for workforce development.

TransLumen Technologies, LLC

TransLumen is a leading information technology and software company building products through rapid prototyping including serious mobile gamification apps and observational scanning skills tools. It designs UX/UI next generation interfaces creating an overarching common operating picture (UX) approach to the visual environment by integrating a cohesive interface architecture. TransLumen augments screen design to achieve the benefit of using next generation alarms and alerts by implementing SubThreshold Extreme Gradual Change® (STEGC®) to de-clutter and de-noise operator screens mitigating cognitive overload. TransLumen is a government and commercial contractor along with being a Nasa UTM and FAA COE industry partner.

TruWeather Solutions

TruWeather is a leading innovator in micro-weather sensing, modeling, and decision insights for weather-sensitive operations. Weather is one of the greatest risks in the AAM ecosystem. Since current data collection and forecasting methods are not granular enough to routinely capture weather that impacts on low-level flight operations, TruWeather focuses on more serviceable micro-weather data for improved flight-time, battery life, and revenue generation per airframe, especially in edge case weather conditions. TruWeather's V360 data analytics platform is one of the few, if not only, micro-weather platform that can plug and play new sensor data, government data and crowd-sourced data on a single web application platform or API.

uAvionix Corporation

uAvionix was founded with the mission of bringing safety solutions to the unmanned aviation industry in order to aid in the integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into National Airspace Systems (NAS). uAvionix offers low SWaP TSO certified and uncertified avionics for General Aviation (GA), Airport Surface Vehicles and the UAS markets. The team consists of an unparalleled engineering and management team with a unique combination of experience within avionics, surveillance, airport services, UAS aircraft development, radio frequency (RF), and semiconductor industries.

Uncrewed Systems & Robotics Database (USRD)

USRD gives you access to the latest information on nearly every uncrewed vehicle and mobile robot system operating in the air, ground and maritime domains. USRD is built on more than 30,000 hours of research, scouring the internet and live events to document changes and advancements in uncrewed and autonomous technology across civil, commercial, and military markets. Lean on USRD to improve your operations and discover new opportunities. The database is updated daily to keep you on top of the latest developments. This is your one-stop resource for global UAV, UGV, and UMV information.

Unmanned Life

Unmanned Life is a multi-award-winning British SME founded in London. It has created the leading autonomy-as-a-service orchestration platform, leveraging AI, 5G, and edge computing with both drones and mobile robots to enable autonomous operations across Industry 4.0 and Smart City sectors. Unmanned Life's modular solution is interoperable across hardware vendors and networks, scalable, and flexible in deployments, with existing projects in autonomous surveillance, emergency response, inspections, hybrid manufacturing, and more.

Unmanned Solutions, Inc. (USI)

USI is recognized for its proven and demonstrated expertise as an unmanned systems development services provider. USI currently supports customers such as ARMY, DARPA, DLA, DTRA, and DHS in portfolio management, manufacturing technology, and developing new capability across current & future aviation platforms. Core expertise includes aeronautical engineering disciplines, testing, airworthiness, program management, logistics, finance, and federal contracting.

USI-Unmanned Safety Institute

USI Exists to define, promote, and support the best practices for UAS operations starting with the industry’s current and future workforce through complex applications of UAS operations in any market sector around the globe. USI brings over 30 years of experience in UAS flight safety operations, employing subject matter experts from disciplines including human factors, aeronautics, autonomous technology, safety assurance, and many more. We care about the future of the aviation industry and the workforce that will supply the unmanned community. We take pride in educating, training, and certifying the elite in unmanned safety to go beyond proficiency and create industry leaders, innovators, visionaries, and aviators.

UXV Technologies ApS

UXV Technologies is a global leader in command and control (ground control stations) solutions and sensors for a wide range of unmanned applications. A company is an OEM supplier delivering customized solutions after customer specifications with the aim of providing maximum efficiency, usability, and adaptability for the integrators and end clients. All solutions are delivered turn-key and as a white label product meaning our customers get them branded and can market them as their own. UXV Technologies was founded in 2014 and headquartered in Denmark but with a global presence and a wide range of customers in Europe, Asia, and North America. UXV Technologies’ command and control solutions can be maintained in the harshest conditions.


Valqari’s Drone Delivery Stations and Drone Mailboxes serve as a designated area for drones to safely drop off or retrieve packages. Our Software enables packages to be dispatched, tracked and received, ensuring full chain of custody throughout. The Valqari System provides the most effective and comprehensive “last inch" solution. Valqari’s Drone Delivery Station uses two-way communication to authenticate each delivery. The end-user receives a notification that their package has been delivered and can retrieve the package from one of the lockers at their convenience. This enables a complete, auditable chain of custody which is critical when delivering sensitive medical items or controlled cargo.

Vigilant Drone Defense Inc.

Vigilant Drone Defense is a counter-UAS technology company based in Los Angeles. We design, develop, and manufacture state-of-the-art C-UAS products. Our products protect airports and other critical infrastructure facilities from malicious and potentially dangerous drone activity. Vigilant Drone Defense products have been tested and approved by various U.S. Government agencies as well as many state, county and city law enforcement agencies across the United States.

Wounded Eagle UAS

Established in 2014, WEUAS 501c3 is a veteran service organization providing an educational and professional quality training experience to our wounded and disabled American veterans. To provide them with a “Hand Up“ approach with the skills, tools, education, and experience necessary to compete and surpass their peers in the commercial small Uncrewed Aerial Systems industry as a career. WEUAS provides FAA Part 107 tutoring, sUAS Flight Training, and our Drone Adaptive Recreational Therapy (DART) Program. We believe piloting a drone provides a therapeutic value for PTSD, TBI, and other neurological disorders. Help us convert wheelchairs into pilot seats.


Equal parts a trade show and conference, XPONENTIAL is a yearly gathering of global leaders and end users in the uncrewed systems and robotics community. Founded on the belief that cross-pollination drives innovation, it features opportunities to connect and problem-solve with experts across markets and domains. •XPO Hall: A marketplace for high-tech solutions and high-value connections •Educational Program: Specialized sessions and interactive conversations •Keynotes: Guidance and insights from respected thought leaders Organized jointly by AUVSI and MDNA, XPONENTIAL brings together more than 8,500 attendees and 700 exhibitors to collaborate and assure the future of autonomy.

Zephyr Systems

Company that specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of unmanned aircraft.