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Frontier Precision

P: 701-222-2030
F: 701-258-5324

Mailing Address:
1713 Burlington Drive
Bismarck, ND 58504

Company Contact:
Dennis Kemmesat
President & CEO

The Best Flight Plans Start Here Frontier Precision has the latest innovations in drone aircraft and sensors to fit your job or application. We offer industry-leading products and software from Autel, DJI, Delair, Inspired Flight, Freefly, Quantum-Systems, YellowScan, Green Valley International, MicaSense, FLIR, Pix4D, and many others. Our UAS applications include geospatial surveying & mapping, agriculture, construction, energy, forestry, infrastructure, mining, mosquito and vector control, oil and gas, and public safety. Whether you are interested in operating drones, or sub-contracting a service provider, Frontier can help you incorporate this exciting technology into your workflow to collect high-precision aerial data.